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Fresh meat products and top quality items of general supermarket foods are featured on new Iga Online Catalogue February.

Latest deals are through 10th February.

Fresh food items and fresh meat products are featured on pg; 2-3 with the best prices you can find in stores.
Online view is possible with the easiest way here and you can save really high amounts with the products of Iga.
Don't forget to check out these deals with from the Iga Catalogue preview page.


View meat products on pg; 2-3 featuring healthy Aussie made meats with best prices and whole chicken offers that you cannot see anywhere else.
Best place for the healthy and fresh food is Iga store with these products.

  • Australian beef scotch fillet steak, $22.99
  • Australian beef topside roast, $10.99
  • Whole fresh chicken, $3.99
  • Australian lamb loin chops, $16.99


See new fresh food items vegetable and fruits on pg; 2.
Great deals from Iga supermarket are featured on the new catalogue.

  • Grape tomatoes, 200g, $1.99
  • Hydroponic red or green lettuce, 2 for $3
  • IGA Fresh Italian or Bistro salad, 120g, $2.99


One of the most important and popular products of Iga are bakery and dairy products.
You can view current prices for these products on pg; 6-8.

  • Iga Baker's oven ginger kisses, 200g, $2.79
  • Iga Baker's Oven sponge rolls, $3.99
  • Helga's bread 680g, $3.49
  • Iga Baker's Oven snowballs 8 pack 200g, $1.79

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