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Online IGA Catalogues with local foods, supermarket deals including half prices and great discounts, shopping advice for the week and savings. Regular updates of the retailer are available on this page. The range of IGA supermarket covers our favourite brands of snacks, grocery products, fresh meat, fruits and veg, soda packs, soft drinks, breakfast food, and much more. Australia’s one of the most popular grocery store publishes weekly catalogues. Read the weekly specials to beware of the discounts and never waste your money on expensive foods.

You can always check this page for the future Iga Catalogues but alternatively, follow our social media accounts and get the latest deals as notifications. In addition, there might be more than one catalogue so that it’s optional with a select box on top of the catalogue page.

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IGA Catalogue Gigantic Easter Sale 17 - 23 Apr 2019

Half-price is a great deal of IGA Catalogue. Easter sale covers a lot of great half prices. 4 of them are Red Tulip Carnival rabbit, Arnott's family assorted biscuits, Sara Lee Ice cream, Nescafe Cappucino that are viewable on pg 1. Browse the deals on fresh produce as well. Kent pumpkin, brushed potatoes, lemons, Australian beef Scotch fillet steak, BBQ beef, and more are available on pg 2. Stock up some bakery and deli products. Tasmanian Heritage Camembert or double brie cheese will cost half. Bread can be expensive but not at IGA. Low prices everyday deal for Wonder White bread, Helga's, Tip Top One bread, 9 Grain bread, and more brands are available on pg 3. Fridge & Freezer range of IGA store is the promotions on pg 4-5. Buy Lean Cuisine Balance meals for only $4!
Find pantry foods and sauces like Masterfoods and Campbell's canned foods. Campbell's Real Stock 500mL varieties cost only $1.14! Household supplies like Cold Power, Kleenex, Handee Ultra, Colgate, and more are gonna be in the content.

Half-price deals:

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IGA Catalogue Easter Grocery Sale 10 - 16 Apr 2019

Gigantic Easter sale may cover your needs this week. Check out the half prices on Cornetto, Red Tulip hunting eggs crate, and Sorbent on the first page. Buy from the variety of breads on pg 3. Wonder White bread of 700g pack is gonna cost $3.40 only. IGA Catalogue is a nice source to find a good price on dairy products including cheese. Fill your fridge with quick foods which are purchasable for much lower prices at IGA stores this week. Buy Bega tasty cheese 1kg for only $8.99! Save $2.20 on that product.
Never feel like you need to spend much higher than these. 3-day sale will assist you in finding a really nice price of the fresh produce. Strawberries will cost 2/$5 for 250g punnet. Multi-buy deals might be profitable for you. If you want to shop for household supplies, there are great deals on that part of the catalogue. Handee ultra paper towel 6 pack will cost only $3.59. Buy snacks at IGA. Cadbury favourites of the 540g pack will make a great Easter treat. Pay only $7.99 for that pack. Follow our Facebook page to track the deals from the future IGA Catalogues.

These are available in the catalogue but you'll be able to browse many more than these in the catalogue preview:

IGA Catalogue Easter Deals 3 - 9 Apr 2019

IGA Catalogue discounts are special for Easter. The half-price sale covers nice offers on the first page. You can stock up some ice cream buying Streets Magnum tub of 440mL for only $4.24 which is the half price. Tasty, juicy, and fresh foods of IGA are also a great part. Visit pg 2 to see Gold sweet potatoes priced at $2.50/kg. If you like to eat some bread with your meal or toast them in breakfast, low prices everyday range can help you save more. Wonder White bread of 700g pack is $3.40 at IGA stores next week. Fill your fridge with delicious quick foods and stuff. Grated cheese of Bega will cost $6.50. IGA has also offers of the market day. Buy brushed potatoes for a $3/5kg pack.

Some products have prices that are better than half. For example, Uncle Tobys Muesli bars or roll-ups will cost $1.80 which is $2.20 cheaper than its regular price. See some household supplies, beverage, snacks, and more grocery in the rest of the IGA Catalogue. You can always check this page or follow us on the Facebook page for the news and updates. Also, get the newsletter about the future catalogues via a subscription which is free.

Easter candies are available on pg 10. Find Red Tulip, Lindt Gold Bunny, and more.

IGA Catalogue Deals 27 Mar - 2 Apr 2019 | Half Prices, Grocery

IGA Catalogue is present with a lot of new half prices again. Peters Drumsticks, Mrs Mac's pies, Coke, and Allen's are 4 products that are on sale by half-price deals. Also, find great products of bakery and fresh produce. Low prices of bread variety, finest of the meat, carrots, iceberg lettuce, Valencia oranges, Primo Salami, and more are in the fresh range of IGA Catalogue. Renew your stocks of the pantry with the prices of Balducci extra virgin olive oil, Heinz Spaghetti, Continental chicken or creamy chicken from IGA's sale this week. Half-price deals and mix and match sales are possibly what can draw your attention in the pantry-fridge food of IGA. Visit pg 8-9 to see Yoplait yoghurt, McCain beef batter chips, Birds Eye products, and more items of fridge food. Have your breakfasts with Uncle Tobys nutritional plus cereal. Pay only $5 for each. Go to pg 11 to see non-food part of the IGA Catalogue. Follow our Facebook page. We share these deals and posts there. You can also subscribe to get emails.

IGA Catalogue Half-Price Sale 20 - 26 Mar 2019

How to save with IGA Catalogue is one of the easiest things in Australia. Regular IGA Catalogues are great guides to find the half prices of fresh fruits, snacks, grocery, pantry, bakery, deli and other categories of products from the IGA supermarket. Sirena Tuna, Birds Eye, Pepsi are all half-price deals. Potatoes, onions, cucumber, rockmelon, and more fresh products are in the fresh range of IGA. Buy brie cheese, cheese platters, fetta, mud cake, and more bakery dept. Enjoy the ice cream, frozen foods, and more quick foods or Autumn deals from supermarkets like IGA in these days. A 3 Day sale is also one of the highlights from this catalog. Don't forget to see the IGA half-price sales of 3-day sale.
We can also see some half prices in the categories like snacks and beverage. Cadbury Medium bars, Arnott's TimTam, Coke will cost cheaper this week. Non-food parts of the IGA Catalogue can also be interesting to you. Save on batteries, Palmolive products, pet food.
Stock up some snacks for whenever you need during your favourite show. IGA offers half prices of Pringles, Snickers, Mars, and more.