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Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 12 – 18 Dec 2018

Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 12 – 18 Dec

Check out new frozen food including ice cream variety of top brands. Connoisseur ice cream of 1L tub is only $6 and that’s $4 cheaper. M&M’s frozen bars and sticks is a great alternative to those who like frozen and sweet things. Restock your snacks and quick meals with the new prices and products of Woolworths Catalogue 12 – 18 Dec 2018. Find Streets Viennetta that will cost only $5. Low Price Always for Peters Billabong or Barney Banana. Check out the half-price deals on some frozen meals on pg 15. Woolworths Catalogue has a “prices dropped” sale on pg 16. Woolworths Ready To Roast Frozen turkey breast with lemon & herb stuffing will be in this list of “prices dropped” sale. More products of grocery range of Woolies can be browsed on pg 18-19. Many products are only available while stocks last. That means they try these products and see if they will sell well. If you want something to last more at Woolies, browse pg 18 and see what’s suitable with your taste. Farmhouse Gold Brandy or Toffee custard is $5.25 on pg 18. Bega cheese variety, Remedy Kombucha and more are also available on the same pages. Half-price deals on Christmas treats like Toblerone that are available on pg 20. 

Woolworths Drinks and Snacks 

Cadbury sharepacks, Arnott’s Scotch Finger, Twisties, Kirks and more beverage or confectionery products are in the snack section of the whole grocery part of the catalogue. They have top deals on these items. Buy Lipton ice tea, Gatorade and more products at half prices. You will also get  Christmas pop-outs for $30 purchase. You can buy a coffee maker of Espressotoria Vittoria that will be free after the purchase of 6 packs of coffee capsules. 

Moreover, pantry products including Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive oil will be half-price deals on 12 – 18 December. Read the recipe of double choc berry trifle and half-price deal on Nestle Choc melts. 

Catalogue AU (Page 3)

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 12 – 18 Dec 2018

Restock your breakfast supplies such as cereals, jam, coffee, and more on grocery part of the Coles Catalogue. Pantry products are at half prices in grocery. La Espanola olive oil, Continental standard pasta, and more products will cost half this week. You can find half-price deals like this one through the catalogue. Visit pg 20-21 for more pantry products and coffee. Nescafe Gold original, Lavazza A Modo Mio Tiny coffee machine are two coffee products that will make you feel alive every morning. Besides, they will cost half as well. Fresh fruits such as black grapes, iceberg lettuce, lychees, cucumbers and more are featured on pg 22. Stay healthy consuming more vegetables than fatty foods. Meat sale of Coles is also an important shelf and it gives ideas for Christmas as well. Chicken breast schnitzel can be a great choice. Pay only $9/pk for that product. Coles Croissants of 3 – 4 pack will be $2.50. The preview of the catalogue also shows cheese variety that can make your party platter. Mersey Valley cheese, Tasmanian Heritage products and more are featured in that section. Jalna Greek yoghurt of 1kg will be on sale. Pay $5 for that dairy good. 

Catalogue AU (Page 3)

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Foods 12 – 18 December 2018

Woolies has new recipes involving ham and they are promoted on pg 2-3. Easy ham glazes are one of the recipes that are readable on the recipe section of Woolworths official page. Go there and find the best recipe for yourself to make a great ham meal for celebration with family and friends. Buy a whole turkey, roast chicken, and more fresh meat on pg 4-5. Aussie cucumbers, peaches, raspberries, seedless grapes are 4 products that are available in fresh fruits part of the catalogue. You have also deli products such as don cocktail Frankfurts, Bertocchi sopressa salami, Australian Marinated Kebab varieties and more products. “Prices Dropped” deal covers OB Finest crackers, a pre-packed salad which is on pg 9. Meat part of the festive food section is available on pg 10. Tassie atlantic salmon is a suitable seafood to be bagged and baked and it is $3 cheaper at Woolworths this week. Like that, Aussie Green king prawns will cost $3 cheaper. Pay only $26 per kg of these products. If you like noodles there is a simple meal idea by Woolworths on pg 12. It consists of spring onions, salad dressing, Chang’s fried noodles, and hot roast chicken. 

Catalogue AU (Page 3)

Coles Catalogue Christmas Foods 12 – 18 Dec 2018

Merry Christmas to everyone. You can find a wide range of hams in the new Coles Christmas Catalogue. Single smoked half leg ham bone in, prawns, whole duck, crackling ham roast, cabanossi, salmon and more fresh produce, seafood, meat products on the first 10 pages of the catalogue is a great guide for what to buy this week. A lot of ideas can be created with the new products and awesome discounts at Coles. Coles Catalogue Christmas foods 12 – 18 December deals consist of such products. Also, you can make great party platters with snacks, cheese, deli meat, and other similar party foods. Visit pg 6-7 for details of some good examples of the new category. Coles Apple Sauce will cost only $1.80 this week! 

Coles Catalogue Snacks 

Fine chocolate brands, lovely prices by Coles Catalogue, popular Christmas treats and more recipes can be found on sweets and snacks category of the festive food range of the catalogue. You can find them on pg 10-17. Red Rock Deli chips is present with a new flavour on the catalogue. Also, deli popcorn, deli tortilla or potato chips, deli nuts, and more are featured on the same page. Visit pg 16 to see Red Rock Deli chips. Cheezels will cost half the regular price this week.  

Half-price deals on snacks and sweets: 

Catalogue AU (Page 3)

Target Catalogue Men’s Clothing 6 – 12 December 2018

Target Catalogue Maxx Underwear

Maxx underwear such as trunk packs and more products are available on the pg 34 of the last Target Catalogue. See festival shorts and short sleeve organic t-shirt on the next page to these. Find the cool style of everything in men’s apparels category of the catalogue. Short sleeve organic t-shirt will cost $6. Piping Hot Ridge thongs will cost $15 is one of the favourite items of mine. Fragrance gift packs like Lynx gift set duo Africa is $7. Get 30% off discount on pg 38. Popular deals on these products are also great Christmas gifts. Travel sets and similar travel gift bag sets can be spotted in the new sale. You can possibly find the best gift for your taste in the catalogue if you are looking for something of apparel or accessory range.