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Catalogue AU (Page 763)

Woolworths Catalogue Specials 13 May 2015

Special prices of dairy and deli products are featured on the first part of the catalogue.Woolworths Catalogue Specials 13 May 2015


Woolworths Catalogue Specials 13 May 2015 are deli, dairy, packed and canned simple meals and food, snacks and chocolates, half price specials, new products for winter food, cheap cheap everyday prices, personal care items and household needs. On the last part you can see fresh food, seafood and meat.
Woolworths Catalogue cover page half prices are:
Birds Eye bake fish fillets $4.39
Quantum Finish Dishwasher tablets $7.49
Whole Chicken $10
Arnott's Shapes $1.49
Coca Cola 2 L $1.99


Fresh taste of dairy products are our essentials. I could not give up these. Woolworths offers the best price of this week. You can check out yoghurt, milk, ice cream, some bakery products.
Full Cream milk 2 L $2 pg; 2
Tasty cheese block $6 pg; 3
Willow Farm Dips 200g $2.50
Ski D'Lite Yoghurt $4
Chobani Greek Yoghurt $5 pg; 4
Dare Ked Coffee $2.50
Devondale products of cheese varieties on pg; 8.
Jamie Oliver cheeky cauliflower cheese soup on pg; 9.
Packed whole chicken, soup, potato wedges on pg; 10.


Woolworths Cheap Cheap specials are generally snacks and beverage in 13 May sale. Some of The products on sale are:
Pascall or The Natural Confectionery co. $1.99 pg; 10
Cadbury Dairy Milk Large Blocks $4.50
M&M's $2.12 pg ;11
Nescafe Capuccino $5
Schweppes 30% sugar out $5 for 4.
Milo $9 pg; 13.
Smith's chips, Cherry ripe $1 each


Coles Catalogue Specials 13 May 2015

Coles Catalogue Specials 13 May offers best meat of the week, weekly specials, seafood, deli, frozen food, summer drinks, healthy and simple meals, houshold supplies, cleaning supplies, baby products, clothing and Coles prices are excellent for you. Coles Catalogue Specials 13 May 2015The best offers of the retailer for the week can be seen on the catalogue.


On 13 May you can shop for the meat and fresh food with the special prices. Don't miss the recipes of this week from Curtis. With MasterChef advice prepare the best for your family. I also browsed Woolworths Catalogue. I think they tried to put more emphasize on dairy and deli products this week. Coles is the correct place for the meat this week.
100% Aussie Lamb $8 kg
Whole chicken $8
Chicken Portions herb sprinkled $6
Beef meatballs $4.50
On pg; 4 you can read the recipe of Cheese-filled roasted chillies. And see the new fresh food prices. Fresh groceries are paper variety in this week. On the catalogue you can see a chart showing the degree of bitterness of the chillies. Various chillies are put on that page.


Chef gives you a great pizza recipe on pg; 9 of the Coles Catalogue. Check out bakery and seafood offers on pg; 7-8. Also see dairy products like yoghurt, and oils on pg; 10. On each page you may meet a new Coles Specials.
Larget Australian prawns $17 kg
Tasmanian Salmon $10.50 ea
Olives $16.80 kg
Packed bread, bakery rolls and other bakery products on pg; 6.


The specials are mostly in snacks and chocolates. Browse pg; pg; 13-18 for the chocolates, snacks, chips, packed simple meals, cereals, breakfast food, and recipe of Pizza, Lasagne, Chicken with Fragrant Jasmine Rice and Paprika Scotch Fillet by various chefs. You can cook like a chef when you read the Coles Catalogues.
New Coca Cola Life 4x330 mL $4 pg; 10
Coca Cola Life 10x375 mL 2 for $14
This version of Coke contains 35% less sugar than regular coke. They use Stevia sugar which is 200 times sweeter than Glucose which is the sugar regularly used in most of confectionery and beverage. This means much less energy with tasting the same coke.
Cadbury chocolate biscuits $2 pg 11
Cadbury Breakaway Chocolate Biscuits $3
Kirks Soft Drink varieties $5
Doritos Chips, Golden Circle Apple Juice, Jumpy's Snack French Fries 2 for $5 pg; 12

Read more posts of Coles Catalogue on this page for more products. We will keep writing about the products. The best way to know about the specials is to read full catalogue.

Harvey Norman Home Entertainment Catalogue 8 May 2015

Harvey Norman Home Entertainment Catalogue is readable on our catalogue page with the full content of it. Harvey Norman Home Entertainment Catalogue 8 May 2015You can reach a real nice product range of HD TVs featuring the best price you can get from all stores of the retailer. It is a rare chance for this kind of product range. Improve the sound quality, video quality and comfort in your house. With Harvey Norman Catalogue it is really easy to get the quality.


Harvey Norman Catalogue prepared this product range of mostly HD TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, cinema sound systems, and some furniture options to set a cinema room in your house. With these products you don't even have to go to the cinema theatre. Besides you will shop for the best prices so that you can save a lot.

Harvey Norman HD TVs

Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasnonic, LED TV variety is available on this catalogue. The catalogue prices are really good. You can have a look at the latest prices of these TVs on pg; 4-13. Many different models are featured on the catalogue.
LG Ultimate Display $3395 pg; 6
LG Smart TV $4875
Samsung 152 cm ultra HD LED LCD TV $3378 pg; 7
Samsung 165 cm Ulra HD LED LCD TV $4376 pg 8
Panasonic 139 cm Ultra HD LED LCD TV $2998
Samsung 127 cm Full HD LED LCD TV $1347 pg 11
TCL 139 cm Ultra HD Android TV $1485

Harvey Norman Speaker Systems

The quality of video is not all for a movie. You need to get the true sound quality of the movie in order to experience the real joy of cinema. You can check out high performance sound bars and speaker systems on Harvey Norman Home Entertainment Catalogue 8 May.

Sony 2.1 channel sound bar $229 pg; 14
LG 320 W soundbar $498
Yamaha Soundbar speaker system $698
Philips Soundbar speaker system $798
Kipsch Soundbar speaker system $1294

Check out this catalogue to see more details about the products. It's a good idea to visit online page of Harvey Norman Catalogue as wehll because that is the place where you can shop online for these products. The catalogues on our site is just for viewing.

Target Toy Brands Catalogue 14 May 2015

Target Toy Brands Catalogue is published and the best toy producers are available with their best prices. Target Toy Brands Catalogue 14 May 2015I think this is kind of an introduction before we see the biggest toy sale catalogue of Target. It is generally published in June or July so we are really close to it. You will be reading them in the next month and it is an awesome one for toy lovers. In this catalogue classically we can see movie toys like minions, Jurassic World dinosaurs, TMNT, Barbie, Toy Story characters. Moreover the classics of toy sale catalogues are again ones of the most popular. Check out LEGO, Peppa Pig, Playdoh toys. Target is like a center to find best toys. And the prices were dropped by 20%, 30% and even 40% for some products.


In this month while you meet with the greatest toy brands you will also be saving a lot because Target's discounts are excellent to shop for the family.
Minions and some Disney toys on pg; 2.
Jurassic World Toys dinosaurs, pg; 3.
20% off Toy Story, Barbie, TMNT, Monster High and more brands on pg; 4.
Fisher Price toys on sale and prices were dropped by 20% ! pg; 5.
Little Tikes, VTech and Playdoh toys on pg; 6.
Bikes, musical instruments, and Nerf on pg; 8&9.


So far we can see a little reduce on the prices of top gaming consoles like Playstation 4. This week Target allows us to purchase them for the catalogue prices. Disney Infinity, PS4, Nintendo 3DS and WiiU are on sale in this catalogue. Also some electronics are highlighted with their new shiny low prices. Target does his best so far in May 2015.
Nintendo 3DS XL $249
WiiU $394
Disney Infinity Single Figures $11
Playstation 4 $544

Video Games

Video games for PS4 and XBOX can be seen on pg; 11. Some of the games that are available in store and online:
The Witcher Wild Hunt $69
Final Fantasy $69 - PS4
Dual shock controller and more accessories for PS4 are also available in pg; 11.

More on this catalogue are kids' books, kids' clothing, TV series, DVD and blu-ray movies, half price deals and Pendo Pad 7 priced at $79 ! Also see smart phones on pg; 12.

Kmart Catalogue Home Sale 14 May 2015

Enter Kmart's world of home products with these catalogues. Kmart Catalogue Home Sale 14 May 2015They got always brilliant offers for all. Kmart catalogue home sale 14 May is a great list of products like appliances, kitchen ware, sports products, shoes, entertainment and electronics, stationery and office products, beauty and in general this is a great home sale !


Take a look at full sale of Kmart Catalogue.

Kmart Catalogue Home Accessories

It cannot be passed that lighting is a very important factor in decoration of bedroom, living room, hall and even outdoor. Because of this importance you might need high quality and fairly priced products of lamps, and of course accessories of decorative theme.
In general categories are bedding, kitchen, decoration, bathroom and laundry essentials.

Kmart Catalogue Bedding

Bedding range of Kmart Catalogues generally introduce us quilts, quilt covers, blankets. These are the ones which most customers are looking for in order to set a real comfort in winter. Check out these prices by Kmart Catalogue Home Sale 14 May !
Blanket $29
Jacquard Coral Fleece Blankets $20 pg; 4
Wool Blended Jacquard Blankets $35
Micro Plush Blankets $29
Check out pillows and sheet sets on pg; 9.
Beautiful blankets for winter on pg; 6&7.
Kids' bedding products on pg; 10&11.
Storage and sheet sets for kids room pg; 12&13.

Kmart Living Room and Hall Accessories

To add color in your house you need some kind of accessories in most cases. Kmart offers prices you will love in this section. You can reach a very nice product selection of accessories. Kmart became an icon to shop for the lowest price to me.
Storage unit 8 cube $39 pg; 14
Casual comfortable chair $49
Knitted ottoman in charcoal $29
Wall art and other living room accessories on pg; 15.

Kmart Light and Rugs

These two categories are finishing touch to your combination in especially living room. Floor lamps would go with everywhere. Use them in your bathroom, bedroom, hall, outdoor. They won't look weird. Also you can use table lamp in places like working rooms, dining rooms, but mostly they are kept in living room or guest rooms.
Floor Rug $29
Paris Blackout Curtain $20
Knitted Ottoman $29
Wooden Tamble lamp $20
Ceramic Table lamp $15
Pineapple Lamp $20

We will continue with Kmart kitchen products and laundry in the next post.