Woolworths Special Offers Catalogue 6 Apr 2016

Woolworths just published Woolworths Special Offers Catalogue 6 Apr 2016 now ! Healthy and tasty products awaiting you for good prices now. Woolworths catalogue contains special cereals, fruits, coffee an more opportunities. At cover page of Woolworths Special Offers Catalogue 6 Apr 2016 you gonna find fresh apples firstly. They are Australian grown and 100% pure ! I don’t have to tell you the truth about benefits of the fresh grocery products. Sales of these products are like classics of the Woolworths specials. On weekly basis customers are happy with the discounts of this catalogue and I am glad to hear good comments from them.


Woolworths Specials have always been the top choice of most customers. Today you can shop for the specials of Woolworths Catalogue with fair prices and extremely good deals. Check out fresh grocery and packaged food offers on sale with the catalogue. If you have the chance to browse this catalogue I would recommend you to visit pg 3 for the HALF PRICE range of various products.

SNACKS and beverage like pepsi coke 6 pack, cherry ripe, arnott’s shapes and you will save a lot more there. At least $1, $3 savings await for the customers online in the Woolworths Catalogue. You can check out beautiful range of Woolworths and Coles this week .

CADBURY special price by Woolworths Catalogue can be seen on pg 6. BREAKFAST food including some cereals and packaged food products are available on pg 7. If you are fan of Nutella you can find it there for only $4.

The catalogue offers more than these. Pantry sale and frozen food selection have been featured in the catalogue and you can find them all on sale. DELI AND MEAT products are among the featured deals with the lowest possible prices. Cheese variety including vintage cheddar, fetta, and meat products like salami are on sale. Whole chicken priced at $5 (save $1.99) is also available in the page 18.

For more products like these see Coles and ALDI Catalogues.

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