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Browse Woolworths Catalogue 21 – 27 Aug 2019 sale, current deals, specials, new items, half-price items of general grocery and other weekly food or non-food products. Buy grocery items online from the sales of Woolies stores.


Woolworths Catalogue offers great discounts every week. Follow this category page to save on weekly grocery. Half prices, new items are generally announced in Woolworths Weekly specials catalogues. As an online sale, this is one of the best supermarket catalogues currently. In catalogues you can generally find:


And even more… Also, Woolworths Catalogues make deals on special days. Christmas, Easter, Seasonal food sale, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day etc. are among these. If you are in search of a good browsing system for Woolworths Catalogues where you can also share your opinions you may use this page.

From top chocolate brands like Cadbury, Lindt, you can find exclusive gift boxes for Christmas. Woolworths is well known for its Christmas online or in-store sales. The sales are the promoted items of most Christmas Catalogues, too. This store offers rewards for a certain amount of purchases on some products. Generally, catalogues announce what these are. Since these specials are published weekly, it’s important for customers to get them and learn what is going on. Follow our Facebook page to follow the Woolworths Catalogue and more sales from other retailers.

If you want to see products in simple lists, read our reviews. They provide a simpler view of this wide product range.

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Woolworths Specials 9 Oct 2015

Check out latest Woolworths Specials consisting of fresh food, snacks, some dairy products. Woolworths Specials 9 Oct 20152 page catalogue of Woolworths specials is available online. With the half price products of the weekend specials of Woolworths you can save even more. Details are available in this post and on the Woolworths Catalogue.
Woolworths Catalogue half prices for the products:

Lipton ice tea 1.5 L $1.89
It is one of the most popular iced tea. You can find it on the specials catalogue on pg 1.

Pepsi, Solo soft drink varieties $0.47 per can 30x375 mL $14
Entertain your favorite show in the nights with these low priced favorite brands.

Sanitarium Up&Go or Energize $4.27
These nutritious drinks will boost you up in the mornings.

Golden Circle drink 8x250 mL $1.99
Fill your body with the vitamins and never feel tired with fruit juices.

Mars sharepacks $2.24
Unnecessary to talk about Mars packs. These are the best of all confectionery sections of all catalogues.

See also red rock sweet potato chips, Yoplait squeezie yogurt, and fresh food:

Chicken breast fillets $8
White seedless grapes $7.90
Royal gala apples $2.60
Fresh Tasmanian atlantic salmon fillets $24.89
Home dinner rolls pk 12 $2.24

More than these see Coles, ALDI, IGA and Target catalogues for Halloween, confectionery products. Low prices of these catalogues will make your online shopping a great joy.

Woolworths Half Prices 6 Oct

New values of the products are featured on this catalogue can also be categorized as half price products. Woolworths Half Prices 6 OctExtreme savings for the top quality food products of the retailer are all viewable on the catalogue page. Preview of this simple catalogue allows you to browse quick and simple display. Woolworths half price products are picked from every aisles. These included detergents, household cleaning products, bathroom products, similar sort of things to keep your house tidy, clean and comfortable to rest.

HALF PRICE PRODUCTS on main page are:

Pringles 140g $1.99
Pepsi Max, Solo, Schweppes can $0.47
Up&Go energize $4.27
Mars sharepacks $2.24

Moreover see new deal by Woolworths Catalogue. Ancient Animals packs, deals, collector's album are the deals of the week.

Starbust half price party mix $1.34
Grill mates BBQ sauces 500 mL $2.24
Praise deli style dressings 185mL
Lipton tea bags $2.34

Personal care items like shampoo, conditioner by popular brands like Pantene. Check out these half prices:

Pantene treatment BB creme 135 mL $5.49
Pantene shampoo or conditioner 350 mL $3.94

Other than half prices there is a list of discount products like Jergens, Nivea, Neutrogena dry sport lotion on pg 29. Here are the list of some discount products:

Cool dry sport lotion 20% off $13.59
Cancer council ultra cooling spray 20% off $14
Nivea 3 in 1 micellar water $6.90

Woolworths Catalogue 7 Oct 2015

Woolworths Catalogue 7 Oct 2015 half price products, pantry products, beverage, snacks, coffee varieties and many more products in the first section can be your morning refreshers. Discover the latest selection consisting of Nescafe Gold, blend 34, Lipton Tea packs, Australia's own almond milk 1 L priced at $3.Woolworths Catalogue 7 Oct 2015
Breakfast food products like cereals of Kellogg's, nutri grain, Uncle Tobys, Woolworths special sugar cereals, stainless steel cordless kettle and more products are available on pg 14&15. See breakfast muffins, cake, cheese products, croissants, single serve savoury roll, Nescafe menu cappucino, Devondale milk and similar nutritious and delicious products.


For more products please follow the reviews and check out Woolworths catalogue providing similar kind of products.

Woolworths Specials Footy Finals Snacks October 2015

Footy finals snacks are available on three different catalogues in late September and October. Woolworths Specials Footy Finals Snacks October 2015Shop the best snacks and favorite beverage of top brands in this category for the lowest prices. If you need more of these you may check out Coles and IGA catalogues. Footy finals is a kind of snack range that are created from the kind of products good while you are watching your favorite match. New season sale makes everyone save more. Everyweek in these days you can find new prices for the snacks.


If you purchase more products, naturally you are saving more at Woolworths Catalogue. It is full of savings and you get the best. In pg 10 you save on the products like marinated chicken wings, sausage rolls, hommus, seafood dumplings and roast chicken. On pg 11 find canned food, sauces, burger and more savings. Sourdough rolls is $2 ea, edgell beetroot, homestyle beef burger 2 for $10, burger relish $4, and more products can be seen on the same page.

COCA COLA, PEPSI, Schweppes lemonade, Red Rock Deli chips, Smith's chips, Mars:

Woolworths Catalogue Specials 30 Sep 2015

Woolworths Catalogue Specials 30 Sep 2015 featuring half price products, excellent choice of meat products, fresh food, chicken, seafood, fruit&veg, deli and bakery products, footy finals, Macro organic products and many more.Woolworths Catalogue Specials 30 Sep 2015 Moreover frozen food and pantry products including best of the coffee brands. Check out ancient animals get 1 pack for $20 spend. Ancient animals collector's album and Dinosaurs model kit are also available on the pg 2-3.
Meat and chicken offers are new season lamb, approved chicken packs, eye fillet steaks, beef porterhouse steak and more products on pg 4&5, and seafood sale where you may save $4, $8 per product. Very good selection of seafood and fruit-veg aisle on pg 6&7.