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Browse Woolworths Catalogue 12 – 18 Dec, 2018 their specials and current price drops. You will love Woolies online deals.

Woolworths Catalogue features great savings every week. Follow this category page to save on weekly grocery. Red Spot Specials, Half prices, new items are generally announced in Woolworths Weekly specials catalogue. As an online sale, this is one of the best supermarket catalogue currently. In catalogues you can generally find:


And even more, Also Woolworths Catalogues make deals on special days. Christmas, Easter, Seasonal food sale, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day etc. are among these. If you are in search of a good browsing system for Woolworths Catalogues where you can also share your opinions you may use this page.

From top chocolate brands like Cadbury, Lindt, you can find exclusive gift boxes for Christmas. In terms of gifting candies and such confectionery, Woolworths is one of the most popular stores in Australia. This store offers rewards for the certain amount of purchases on some products. Generally, catalogues announce what these are. Since these specials are published weekly, it’s necessary for customers to get them and learn what is going on.

If you want to see products in simple lists, read our reviews. They provide a simpler view of this wide product range.

For more catalogues please check out other categories, too.

Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2018

Save half price of Doritos, Tim Tam, Peters Drumsticks that are on the first page of Woolworths Catalogue. Collect pop-outs at Woolies and check out 3 new ones every week. Get half-price snacks including Vita Weat cracker chips, Arnott’s Scotch finger, Loacker Quadratini and more on pg 4. Check out price drops on Arnott’s chocolate teddy bear, Twisties, Cheetos and more on pg 5. The same page also shows Cadbury Old Gold or Dark Milk blocks, Cadbury sharepacks, McVitie’s original or chocolate digestive biscuits and more deals. Visit pg 6 for Cadbury exclusive products of Woolworths. Christmas stocking and bowl, and eclairs are available on that page. Christmas lights, decoration and gifts are also subject of the latest Woolworths Catalogues. Have fun with the best prices of the retailer and get ideas for what to buy. Pantry, Christmas recipes, half-price grocery, whole turkey, meat, frozen food and dry food are among the categories of this catalogue.

Only at Woolworths:

Drinks and Snacks

Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 21 – 27 Nov 2018

Find coffee and breakfast food on the first part of the grocery sale that seems to be starting on pg 10-11 of the latest Woolworths Catalogue. Moccona Freeze dried coffee, Nescafe Blend 43, Nutella Hazelnut spread are all part of this sale. You may find half-price deals interesting. One of the most profitable deals of all Woolworths Catalogues is the half-price sale. Every week there is a different one in the catalogues. Find new prices of Moro Olive oil, Annalisa products and more pantry products on the pg 12-13. New healthy food sale is available at Woolies. Stock up the lovely food from the bakery and stay happy with your family all the time. Filled profiteroles, finger buns, Jumbo rolls, brownie bites are all new and discount products. Aussie grown fresh fruits including mangoes, nectarines, Solanato tomatoes, Cherries and more are available on pg 16-17. New season’s fresh products are interesting and they look delicious. For the ham variety, check out pg 18-19.

Low price always and “prices dropped” deals are valid on some good picks. Check out fresh meat and seafood on pg 20-21. Australian beef rump steak will cost only $20. Australian Grown seafood such as green banana prawns, barramundi fillets skin on, Thawed Marinated garlic prawns, Thawed half shell Aussie scallops are available on pg 21. Most of the products of deli are only at Woolworths. New products for your fridge. See them on pg 24. You have Bulla Creamy classics Belgian chocolate flavoured milk, Amplify Kombucha pineapple coconut and more products.

Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 21 – 27 Nov 2018

Among all the categories of Woolworths Catalogue, there are several subparts that are clearly obvious being highlighted such as cover-page deals from different categories. Christmas sales begin with fantastic things at nice lower prices. You have a great range of products with 5 items on the first page. Pay only $2.50 for Aussie Calypso mangoes, Annalisa seed beans or tomatoes, Smith’s Crinkle cut chips, and more are at half prices. Woolworths Christmas products and a cute comic story are available on pg 2-3. It seems a subtle promotion to me. Lindt Lindor, Cadbury Roses, and more chocolate boxes will be available this week. The preview of the catalogue shows exclusive Christmas treats on pg 5 and they have half-price deals on them. Stock up Cheezels, CC’s, Pringles, Doritos, and more snacks at better prices. Beware of the existence of special deals on different categories including meat and seafood for Christmas.

Half-price snacks and soda packs:

Kettle French fries, Cheezels, Mini Oreo cookies, Peckish brown rice crackers, vegetable rice crackers and more are available for lower prices this week at Woolies. “Prices Dropped” for SunRice mini bites, Oreo Milk chocolate wafer sticks and more. You can buy Lavazza, Twinings tea bags and more products for half prices. Don’t forget to visit the pantry part of this catalogue.

Woolworths Catalogue Food Deals 14 – 20 Nov 2018

Pantry products on pg 11 are Pancake shake, Kellogg’s nutri-grain to go squeeze, Active Balance, and more breakfast food. Save $2.30 on Uncle Tobys plus, $2.50 on Fibre One 90, Heinz baked beans, Vitasoy soy milk and more products. Check out prices dropped deals on the same page. You have a good range of products in the Christmas baking category that has Cadbury baking chocolate. Save $1.75 on baking chocolate and save $.75 on CSR brown sugar. You need ingredients to make a nice Christmas sweet and essentials are possibly available in Woolworths Catalogue at a lower price than elsewhere. Read the recipe of Gingerbread Almond Wreath. More half-price deals are available on pg 14-15. Pantry products and sauce variety for your meals. Dolmio pasta sauce has been one of the most popular pasta sauces in recent years. You can easily find a good deal on packaged food, too.

“Prices Dropped” deals on Nestle Milo Refill, Golden Circle Fruit drink, True Foods Naan Bread, Always Fresh Olives and more products. And more half-price deals are valid on Spam, Dolmio Extra pasta sauce, Monini olive oil, Three Threes Beetroot on next page. New products in frozen food, “low price always” for 5 different products on pg 17 are good picks from fridge category. Cheese, dips, yoghurt, orange juice are available in that section.

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Treats 14 – 20 Nov 2018

Classic products, treats, snacks, sweets, candies and brands that we are familiar with. Woolworths Catalogue Christmas sale offers a Christmas pop-outs with a limited edition for $30 purchase. Collect 12 pop-outs each week. Large Christmas tree stand will cost only $3 at Woolies. Christmas confectionery products like Cadbury favourites, Lindt Lindor, advent calendars and prices dropped on more chocolate boxes. Sweets will embellish your environment while you regenerate with the happiness and the warmth of your family. Christmas decoration is also a part of the first section in the new Woolworths Catalogue. See a new price on a Christmas tree accessories range on pg 6. Christmas lights are essential if you want to redecorate your home for celebration this year. Christmas hanging decorations, fairy lights, cards and more are available. See also, the gift cards with bonus points. $50 gift card will win you a 1000 bonus point gift. Earn 2000 for purchasing $100 gift cards of The Hotel Card, AccorHotels, or Ticketek.
Regular snacks of your weekly stocks are gonna be in the same category. Woolworths has nice deal on chips, cookies, biscuits and beverage on pg 8-9 wherein half-price sale on some snacks are also featured.

Christmas decoration and accessories:

Tostitos corn chips are only available at Woolworths. Cadbury old gold or dark milk blocks, Lindt fruit sensation, Always fresh crispy thins or crisps, and more products are featured in the latest sale. Buy a big bag of Smith’s crinkle cut chips for only $3 and save $2. Gatorade sports drink 600mL