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Browse Woolworths Catalogue 11 – 17 Dec 2019 sale, current deals, specials, new items, half-price items of general grocery and other weekly food or non-food products. Buy grocery items online from the sales of Woolies stores.



Woolworths Catalogue offers great discounts every week. Follow this category page to save on weekly grocery. Half prices, new items are generally announced in Woolworths specials catalogues. As an online sale, this is one of the best supermarket catalogues currently. In catalogues you can generally find:


And even more… Also, Woolworths Catalogues make deals on special days. Christmas, Easter, Seasonal food sale, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day etc. are among these. If you are in search of a good browsing system for Woolworths Catalogues where you can also share your opinions you may use this page.

From top chocolate brands like Cadbury, Lindt, you can find exclusive gift boxes for Christmas. Woolworths is well known for its Christmas online or in-store sales. The sales are the promoted items of most Christmas Catalogues, too. This store offers rewards for a certain amount of purchases on some products. Generally, catalogues announce what these are. Since these specials are published weekly, it’s important for customers to get them and learn what is going on. Follow our Facebook page to follow the Woolworths Catalogue and more sales from other retailers.

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Woolworths Specials Christmas Catalogue 27 Nov - 3 Dec 2019

Woolworths Specials Christmas Catalogue 27 Nov - 3 Dec 2019

New Christmas treats consisting of chocolates, favourite brands, grocery sale, Cadbury, Lindt, and other classic items of Christmas are in this catalogue. Check out half-price deals on Christmas treats and confectionery on pg 2-3. Save $15 on Lindt Lindor tin, which I think is one of the most symbolic or perhaps iconic items for the entity of the whole Christmas thing. Browse Woolworths specials Christmas Catalogue to see them all.

You can save half on pantry products such as the essentials like sauces and canned goods, too. Not only that but also you have the opportunity to make Frozen Christmas pudding after reading the recipe on pg 5. Traditional products are in your radar. Cadbury Advent Calendar will cost half this week. Subscribe to Woolworths Catalogue for more deals like this.

These are Christmas treats and chocolate boxes at half prices:

Advent Calendars and more Cadbury:

Woolworths Christmas Gifts And Toys

Yes, toy sale is also on the new Woolworths Catalogue. Santa took all of these from far lands to bring to your house. Also, there are things you have never seen before. Like Elmer's Glow in the dark value pack priced at $15 only. You will want to wrap all these toys. That means you will need additional resources like gift wraps and some decoration to create the ambient. Check out what they have for you on pg 10.

Woolworths Christmas Grocery, Turkey Sale, Hams And More

Tables shall be set with the most proper food and drinks this year. Let's not a single one of ours be unhappy at the end of the year. Well, what makes everyone happy? Of course, the food! Not a single soul would resist to a very well prepared table. Even though they are the richest man in the world, they would at least take a bite. Woolworths Catalogue has the necessary things for you. Turkey, ham, side dishes, deli products, and more are going to be on sale on 27 Nov - 3 Dec.

Fresh Fruits, Deli, Bakery, Meat Sale

Aside from the good prices of fresh products from these departments, you can also find the advice for dinner by Woolworths in this part. Browse these products starting on pg 16 till pg 21. This supermarket tries to help the community in every way possible. They create recipes, introduce new products, and multiple-buy choices. Track such deals and more regarding these deals from these departments:

Check the recipe of chicken tacos and corn salad on pg 22. Drinks & snacks are available on pg 23-25. Buy your pantry needs on pg 26&27. Again, more half prices are viewable on this part. Breakfast foods like Froot Loops, So Good, Twinings, and more are available at the pantry aisle for the catalogue prices on Wednesday. Check out this frozen half-price sale:

Woolworths Gift Cards; Earn 1000 Bonus Points 20 - 26 Nov 2019

Woolworths Catalogue Gift Cards 20 - 26 Nov 2019You can get a bonus Christmas sticker for $2 at Woolworths supermarkets. Lower the costs of Christmas shopping using the online tools like Woolworths Catalogue. They have not only these gifts or giftable products, but they also offer essential home products like gardening chemicals, food storage at half prices, and Frozen II toys. Disney lovers will probably want to watch Frozen II in December. The movie is the definition of a Christmas movie. Its genre might be animation but believe me such movies will let you enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Remember the feeling you get from Home Alone. Woolworths Gift cards with bonus points are available on pg 30. You can buy Spafinder, Gourmet Traveller, and ultimate gift cards. When you buy these gift cards, you will earn 1000 Woolworths rewards bonus points. You will need 2000 points for $10 off your future shop.

Woolworths Catalogue 20 - 26 Nov deals also cover hair care, wellness, vitamins, more half prices, pet supplies, household supplies, and more food on the final pages. For example, check out Samsung Galaxy phones with $360 off when you buy s10 with a mobile phone plan. Check out all details in the catalogue. This post contains affiliate links so that you can go to the catalogue page to shop them.

Household and cleaning including garden products:

Woolworths Helps People In Need | Disasters | Christmas Snacks

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Snacks and Treats Nov 2019This is not only a supermarket but it's like a community that shares the problems of the world. Woolworths contributes to some charity campaigns. As promoting the product range, deals, and new catalogues they also promote helping people who are in shortage of food. This is really important in my opinion. Recently, I have read something that suggests that starving people in the world are actually not in need of food but they need the delivery. At a glance, it doesn't make sense. Of course, they need food but supermarkets and manufacturers cannot deliver the surplus food because it's costly. We cannot blame anyone and expect them to cover all the expenses for the delivery of the excess food. In the USA, this is really a big problem. Maybe states should create laws that can count these deliveries as a tax payment. Eventually, the food will be gone to the people. But apparently, somebody thinks about these things at Woolworths. When you shop using Woolworths online, in-store, or Woolworths Catalogues, you are contributing the donation of these foods. Go to this page to read about the September report stating the number of donations of foods. They work with OzHarvest, FareShare, Foodbank, and Local Charities. You can buy 50 cent meal token at the checkout. Read more about the OzHarvest and Christmas donations. The organization is one of the biggest in Australia.

Woolworths Christmas Snacks On Sale

Considering Christmas and these charities you might want to check out what Woolworths has to offer in the Christmas confectionery part of the latest catalogue:

Woolworths Catalogue Offers Christmas Bakery Sweets 20 - 26 Nov 2019

Woolworths Catalogue Offers Christmas Treats and Food Nov 2019We're almost at the end of November when the best shopping events of the year are usually happening but December is not entirely different. Christmas Eve and Boxing Day in December will be also full of savings on Christmas foods. And the latest Woolworths Catalogue is one of the last ones in November. That means they boosted the number of classic Christmas foods like hams with new deals. Half leg ham, shoulder ham, maple glazed ham, and more can be found on pg 2-3.

There is also another important Christmas sale in the catalogue. Browse the new cakes, desserts, cookies, tarts, Christmas pudding, and more are available on pg 4-5. Woolworths Catalogue offers Christmas deals on these bakery items on pg 4-5. Iced finger buns, profiterole, and turkey products with some exclusive offers can be browsed on pg 6&7. Don't forget to see the price range for chocolates and gift boxes on pg 8-9.

Half-price deals:

Gift wraps, Christmas confectionery, recipes of white Christmas tree treats, snowflake cookies, and specials are also in the first part where these Christmas material is being promoted.

Shop Fresh Fruits, Seafood and Meat at Woolworths This Week

Woolworths Seafood and Fresh Products in CatalogueThis week's catalogue and deals may encourage you to shop for quality food. There are two reasons for that. One of them is the new seasonal items highlighted and the other is the low price range. You can buy Australian yellow or white nectarines priced at $3.90 kg. Although there are several ways to make your meals easily and quickly, consider slow cooking methods and recipes, too. Some meals take a lot of time and passion but the results are finger-licking-good.

Woolworths Catalogue Has Fridge Food Including Dairy Products

Don't miss out the deals on yoghurt, cheese blocks, popular sauces, ice cream, and ready frozen foods. Some products are half prices and some are cheaper than regular deals. You may also save with half-price deals on Reese's, Bulla, and more products on pg 20.

Check out these ½ prices:

Refill Your Pantry with Grocery - Pantry Products

Coffee, olive oil, breakfast food, peanut butter, sauce variety, and more half prices are the major deals on pg 26-30. The catalogue promotes healthy foods like whole grains for breakfast and also gives advice on dinner meals. You can find these items on pg 28-29. Woolworths Catalogue offers more than food. Food containers, gardening and household supplies, Frozen II toys, health care, pet supplies, and more are possible products to be in your cart.

Woolworths Catalogue Schwarzkopf Half Prices 13 - 19 Nov 2019

Woolworths Catalogue 13 - 19 Nov 2019 Half PricesThe supermarket catalogues are not only food catalogues. Most of the times, the Woolworths Catalogue can offer you a good price on a wellness product or a beauty item. This time, you can get half prices on some important items of Schwarzkopf. Brilliance hair colour is one of them. It will cost $7.20 which is half the regular cost. Woolworths has also Christmas gifts, entertainment products, smartphones, data packs and more in this part. Make things easier for the daily life of yours buying a smartphone. Enjoy Christmas watching a good movie by Disney. Lion King DVD is now $20. Save $8 on the DVD.

Woolies offers personal care products, too. Find more half prices on Rexona and Palmolive products on pg 35. Nivea Q10 power anti-wrinkle night cream 50mL is only $11. Pet foods are a classic part of this publication but these prices are extraordinary. Find them in the latest Woolworths Catalogue.

Only half prices:

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