Woolworths Catalogue 23 - 29 Aug 2023

Woolworths Catalogue
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Woolworths Catalogue 23 - 29 Aug 2023 offers a lot of half-price deals this week. You can find Pringles, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Continental Cup Soup, and Nivea products on the first page. Use Everyday Rewards to save even more on your favourite groceries. You can find deals on tuna, snack pots, coke, and more items. An extensive product range in half-price sale will welcome you this week, too. Woolies has half-price offers for Cadbury products, Nice & Natural nut bars, and many more. There is a special deal on Swisse products. Also, the catalogue contains Father's Day gifts. Another section is about the Spring Cleaning sale. Buy products like dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaners, disinfectant spray, and more at cheaper prices.