Woolworths Catalogue Easter 29 Mar - 4 Apr 2023

Woolworths Catalogue
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Buy Easter bunny, frozen seafoods, canned goods, and more in Woolworths Catalogue Easter 29 Mar - 4 Apr 2023. This new catalogue has the best offers and special savings. I always keep an eye for good deals. This might be a really good time to stock up some Easter candies which are already on sale at Woolies. Buy YoPro, Tasmanian Heritage Double Brie, bulla splits, and more products at half prices. You can make some grilled cheese, brie and fruit tart, Brie and Prosciutto Crostini, Brie and Spinach Quiche with that salty double brie at half the regular cost this week. Old El Paso kits are also on sale this week. Don't forget to see ½ price deals of personal care products. Listerine, Colgate, Johnson's Body Wash, Dermeze, Aveeno, and more products will cost half at Woolies.