Woolworths Catalogue Weekly Specials February 2015

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Woolworths Catalogue weekly specials are featuring best of grocery products.

The stores offer a new range of seafood products on pg; 20-21 adn they look delicious.

Always prefer seafood which has almost same nutrional values with red meat, for special nights because it doesn't fill your stomach fully and it feels very relax regarding other meat products might be danger.
I recommended seafood for Valentine's Day which we left behind last week.


Woolworths online weekly specials which you can shop in February 2015 are good savings to keep on buying high quality for lower values.
The list of products that we can count for this concept covers Jamie Oliver dinner plates and other dinnerware products.
Items of cheap cheap specials are also Woolworths Weekly specials for this week.

  • Ocean chef salt water Barramundi portions, $13
  • Yellowfin tuna steaks, $13
  • Pacific cod portions 1 kg, $13
  • Bazaar gourmet pizza bases, pk 2, $2.95
  • Roasted&salted cashew&macadamia mix, $6.88
  • Charlie's quencher, 1.5 L, $2.50


Woolworths February Last Catalogue has launched new sale of Easter products such as chocolate vareties.
MaltEaster Easter hunt is priced at $10.
Solid Mini Eggs is another product on the same page.
For more products from the chocolate range of Woolworths please check out the full preview of the catalogue.

  • Lindt Frogs and Turtles pouch bag, 100g, $6.50
  • Lindt Gold Bunny hazelnut, 100g, $5.50
  • Kinder Maxi egg, 100g, $7
  • Frozen or Marvel cup with Easter eggs, 34g, $5
  • Marvellous creations Easter hunt, 287g, $10

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