Big W Catalogue 2 - 15 Sep 2021

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Spring is almost here. Many households will clean their home and in fact, they will refresh their home with new things, too. Big W Catalogue 2 - 15 Sep 2021 will help you with that. New half-price deals from kitchenware to comfortable bedroom products, modern items that will redecorate your house are all in the extend of the product range. The new catalogue covers essentials as well as entertainment products. Save up to 50% off household items, too. Create a corner in your house where you can do your exercise. Bikes, scooters are on sale and more for kids are available in the catalogue range. And the gifts for Father's day makes this catalogue even better.

Big W Catalogue 2-15 September 2021

Big W Catalogue Fun Products

Bikes and scooters are also on sale this week. Save on kids' bikes on pg 16. Safety accessories like helmets are also on sale. After you pass that you can also find products of home gym essentials. Aerobic step kit, vibration platform, and similar sort of products for exercise at home.

Many more are available on Big W Catalogue 2 - 15 September 2021. Really important deals are waiting for you in the new catalogue.