Coles Catalogue 1 - 7 Jun 2022

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You can go on with receiving KitchenAid Ovenware credits when you spend $20 in one transaction. That deal will end this week. Browse the new Coles Catalogue for the updated products of half-price sale. You have Cadbury Twirl, Real Stock, Nescafé coffee sachets, and more products at half prices on the first page. Coles specials are also a big chunk of the first part of the new catalogue. Save half on products like Thins, Red Island extra virgin olive oil, Old Gold black chocolate, and more products. And those half-price deals are not limited to food or grocery products. Clean your house at lower costs this week. Buy Cold Power, Biozet Attack, ION products and more items. Browse these deals on Coles Catalogue 1 - 7 Jun 2022:

Coles Catalogue 1 - 7 Jun 2022

Coles Meat, Fruit & Vegetables, Bakery, and Deli Products

You can see the details of new deals on fresh products in this category. Coles has multiple-buy deals, lamb mince, chicken tenders, lamb cutlets, and many more items will be cheaper when you buy multiple amounts of them.

Coles Snack Sale and Drinks

Restock your favourite brands of snacks and drinks with the prices from Coles Catalogue 1 - 7 Jun 2022. They have top half-price deals, soda variety, biscuits, breakfast snacks, and many more items. Check out these deals on the catalogue:

Coles Pantry & Grocery Sale 1 - 7 Jun

You can browse an extensive grocery sale, the ingredients of Indian and Mexican foods, canned product range and unsurprisingly half-price deals. in the grocery section. Also, it is a good place to buy some breakfast products. Earn KitchenAid ovenware credits with your purchases on pg 22 where some pantry products are available.

Some of Half-price deals from Coles grocery section this week:

Coles Fridge & Frozen Sale

Buy your favourite ice cream or frozen meal from the Coles Fridge & frozen section. They have products like flavoured milk, Western Star spreadable in that category. This is also an extensive product range which you might like if you are a fan of not cooking but getting some delicious meal in rather short time.

Shop health care, baby products, personal care products, supplements, vitamins, and many more items in this catalogue.

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