Coles Catalogue 14 - 20 Apr 2021

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Coles welcomes another week with awesome half prices on favourite products of everyone. Many of them are half-price deals and the majority of the content of the catalogue are mostly what we would shop at a supermarket. But there is also a back to school sale. That consists of quick breakfast products, lunch snacks, and most of the products are what kids and students love. For example, buy products like LCM's, Uncle Tobys for half prices. Go to pg 4-5 for 100s of products with the prices down. Coles Catalogue 14 - 20 Apr 2021 specials are back to school essentials including like All-Bran Kellogg's. Basics of this week are on sale at Coles supermarket.

Coles Catalogue 14 - 20 Apr 2021

Coles Back to School Sale 2021

Shop back-to-school breakfast products at half prices. Your favourite products including cereals, milk, and breakfast snacks are all featured items of the new sale. View the latest items on pg 3. And starting from pg 6 ending on pg 9, you have a big range of other lunch and breakfast products of Coles Back to School Sale 2021.

100s of Prices Down

Take a look at some in-catalogue items of the Prices Down sale on Coles Catalogue 14 - 20 Apr 2021. Cheese slices, yoghurt, salami, and more items are all available in the product range.

Coles Catalogue 14 - 20 Apr 2021 4

Coles Masterchef Cookware Deal

Collect Masterchef credits to get free cookware products. Stainless steel products are not only useful and durable, they are also good looking. Almost like a decorative item for your kitchen. Learn details on pg 12-15.

Coles Catalogue Fresh Products

Meat, deli, bakery, and other basics of the fresh categories on the catalogue can be seen starting on pg 16. Prepare your lunch sandwich with high quality deli products and buy them at discount prices. Some of them are even half-price deals.

Coles Catalogue 14 - 20 Apr 2021 3

Coles Drinks and Snacks Sale

Who likes an empty fridge? We all like to open our fridge and find some cold beverage there. Plus, you will never have to pay expensive prices for drinks when you order food. Anything can be a half-price deal on Coles catalogues. Check out pg 25-29.

Coles Pantry Products

Some products are participating items for earning some Masterchef credits on Coles pantry section of the catalogue. Find new half-price deals on Continental products on pg 32. Pantry is rich at Coles supermarkets. You can usually find any kind of ingredient you need for hot meal recipes. Don't forget to see the frozen food deals.

Coles Fridge and Frozen Foods

Browse the cold shelves of Coles supermarket on the catalogue. You have a wide product range from ice cream to delish chips. Cooking is sometimes time-wasting especially when one doesn't have the necessary skills. So perhaps, frozen foods can help at times.