Coles Catalogue 28 Apr - 4 May 2021

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Coles with 100s of prices down. Find tuna, Up & Go, prawns, and more on the first page. All of them are half-price deals. Coles offers more of these half prices on the second and third pages where you can encounter some non-food products, too. Allen's, Rexona, Shapes, and more items are half-price deals on pg 2. View the deals of prices down on pg 4-5. In-catalog deals are so popular exactly for these reasons. Aussie fresh food is again a big part of the new catalogue. You can find the latest offers of deli and bakery category that includes donuts, pizza rolls, pastries, etc. Coles Catalogue offers these and more:

Coles Catalogue 28 Apr - 4 May 2021

Coles Fresh Food Deals

Buy apples in season, enjoy some pistachios, or make a hot single pot meal for tonight's dinner with the high-quality fresh produce from the Coles Catalogue Apr 28 - 4 May 2021. Pizza rolls, crumpet rounds, wraps, rolls, and more are also available in the fresh bakery section.

Coles Snacks and Drinks

Shop snacks and drinks like TeeVee at half prices at Coles supermarket this week. The catalogue is a perfect place to find some new deals for these products. Skittles will cost only $3 for its 144g pack. Powerade, V8, and more products are also available in the catalogue's snack range.

Coles Catalogue 28 Apr - 4 May 2021 2

Coles Pantry Sale

Make your meals at lower costs when you shop at Coles pantry and grocery shelves. You can come up with different recipes at lower prices. Organic products are also available in this section of the new catalogue. Buy your oil, rice, cake, and more items on Coles Catalogue 28 Apr - 4 May 2021.

Coles Fridge and Frozen Food Deals

To some, this is the place of essentials. Cheese, yogurt, and other food variety that need to be kept cold. New deals on products like Flora proactiv are available in the Coles essentials sale. You can buy ingredients to make pasta from Primo special range on pg 30.

Coles Catalogue 28 Apr - 4 May 2021 3

Buy ice cream and ready frozen meals from the Coles frozen category. You can find really practical products and sweet ice cream in this category.

See also; half prices of Swisse products, deodorants and personal care items at half prices, Olay products at half prices, and dental care on pg 35. Check out all other nonfood products on the final part of the catalogue.