Coles Catalogue 3 - 9 Aug 2022

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Coles Catalogue sells a lot of stuff at half prices this week. And you will get some bonus collectible items of Coles Magical Builders. Look for the participating items if you are particularly interested in collectable items. Harry Potter characters and more are waiting for you in the new catalogue. Coles also promotes half-price deals on snacks. And it is a fairly larger section compared to most other categories. You have deals on La Española olive oil, Nutri-Grain, TimTam, and many more on pg 2-3. Explore even more deals that will give you Magical Builders. Half-price deal on Finish tablets is one of the great ones.

Coles Catalogue 3 - 9 Aug 2022

Coles Fresh Produce, Meat, and More

Check out the new deals on fresh items of meat, deli, fruits, and vegetables in the new Coles Catalogue. Grapefruit, mandarins, and more products are featured items. You can also see sausages, parsley burgers, lamb loin chops, deli, seafood products and many more.

Coles Snacks and Drinks Sale

Explore the new deals on snacks, chocolate blocks, candies, drinks like coke or Cottee's, and half-price deals in this category. Coles Catalogue 3 - 9 Aug 2022 shows these products in the snack - drink category:

Coles Grocery - Pantry Sale 3 - 9 Aug

Check out the new deals on instant coffee, rolled oats, tea bags, and more items are available in this category. Make some classic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch or buy practical foods like Suimin noodles. You have basic ingredients for most recipes in this category.

Breakfast products:

Basic grocery products, canned goods, and more items in the catalogue:

Make some pasta or buy ready meals at half prices:

Coles Frozen Foods - Fridge

Buy ice cream, ready foods for your fitness goals, desserts, yogurt, and more dairy products. Make perfect pizza with Perfect Italiano cheese grated. You can find rewards with flybuys, health and body care products, baby care products, personal care, and many more in this Coles Catalogue 3 - 9 Aug 2022.

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