Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 May 2021

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Mother's Day sale in Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 May 2021 provides a lot of great gifts that you might like. A supermarket gift range might come in handy in terms of finding everything in one pot. And I am sure Ferrero Rocher is capable of giving some happiness to anyone in the world. Coles Catalogue Mother's Day sale begins from the first page. Shop your regular needs including snacks at half prices. Visit the specials section of the pages where you can find half prices. That includes products like Red Bull, Lindt Lindor Gift box, heart tin, Cadbury chocolate favourites, and more.

Mother's Day Brunch at Coles - Mother's Day Sale

Brunch on a special day like Mother's Day is more enjoyable than any other Sunday. Prepare some hot food for your breakfast in a weekend morning. I am sure Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 May 2021 is one of the perfect places to buy croissants. Take a look at the new deals on pg 4. Flowers are available on pg 5. Find more gifts in this section of the Mother's Day sale at Coles.

Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 May 2021

Coles Fresh Products, Meat, Masterchef Cookware

Collect credits to get some free cookware products. Spend $20 in one transaction and scan your flybuys card. With the credits, you earned you will be able to get one of those fry pants, pots, or other cookware products. Red meat and chicken, fresh fruits, bakery, bread, deli-fridge food, ham, and more are available on pg 12-18.

Coles Fridge Food

Shop cheese, yogurt, everyday low prices, and more products in the cold shelves of Coles supermarket. Browse all pages of Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 May 2021 in order to get the best deals. YoPro yoghurt 160g is only $1.20 this week.

Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 May 2021 2

Drinks & Snacks

Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 May 2021 has new half prices on drinks and snacks. Chips, biscuits, and other types of snacks are participating in this sale. Everyone who likes to keep some snacks in their kitchen storage might like these products.

Coles Catalogue Pantry Sale

Buy the essential needs of your food storage at Coles. Again, new prices of the olive oil, tomato sauce, chips, and more products are available on the new catalogue's pantry section.

Coles Frozen Foods

Great helpers for the lack of time and sometimes the best snacks of a joyful night. Frozen products are always awesome. From pizza variety to ice cream, once again, there is an extensive product range with new half prices at Coles supermarket.