Coles Catalogue 7 - 13 Apr 2021

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Coles came up with 100s of products in the "prices down" sale this week. See the whole product range on but you can also browse some promoted items on pg 4 of the new Coles Catalogue 7 - 13 Apr 2021. Buy tea bags, chips, biscuits of Arnott's, and way more than these at half prices at Coles supermarket this week. You have everything in the catalogues which usually offer the items at lower costs. In addition the wide product range, special deals like Masterchef cookware credits can be interesting. You can get free high-quality cookware equipment like casserole pan with lid when you collect credits this weekend only! To collect the credits, you need to buy newspapers. Check out pg 7 for this deal.

Coles Catalogue 7 - 13 Apr 2021

Coles Fresh Produce, Deli, Bakery, and more

Fresh departments of Coles Catalogue 7 - 13 Apr 2021 covers a lot of products as usual. Shop steak, apples, and hot cross buns are still available this week. Those who still want to have some traditional buns may like page 10 where buns are only $3.50/pk. Also, in the deli, you can buy hot roast chicken for only $10.

Coles Catalogue 7 - 13 Apr 2021 4

Discover New Products In Snack Sale

Classic snacks and new products are available on Coles snacks & drink sale. New flavours, low calorie snacks, chips, crackers, and more from popular brands like Ritz are the featured items on pg 17. You can also buy some soda variety for only half price.

Find gourmet meals and soup of Vegeta on pg 21 this week.

Coles Pantry Sale

Buy the essential needs of a home in terms of ingredients and canned goods in the pantry sale. A lot of products including canned soup will cost half. You can basically collect what you need as an ingredient for your recipes in this part of the catalogue. Also, you can reset your strategy of shopping depending on the sales.

Coles Catalogue 7 - 13 Apr 2021 6

Coles Fridge Foods and Frozen Products

Cheese, yogurt, flavoured milk, frozen veg, potatoes, and many more products are usually what is being sold in the fridge and frozen food categories on the Coles Catalogues. I think you can see really good deals and many of them half-price deals this week. That includes ice cream, too. Coles also offers frozen meal for bodybuilders. This meal is of Core Powerfoods that contains high protein. Check out that deal on pg 34.

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