Costco Catalogue 27 Sep - 11 Oct 2020

Costco Catalogue
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Shop warehouse-only savings of Costco Catalogue. This catalogue shows some grocery deals like beans, party snacks, one can easily get what they need for a week's need. Great snacks are also on sale. New Choice frugurt yogurt style snacks will cost only $7.99. Some folks like Durian but they say it smells like death. Costco Catalogue 27 Sep - 11 Oct offers freeze-dried Durian for $11.39. It looks really yummy and they say it tastes like cheese. Never tried. Also, buy some pantry needs from the Costco store. Kirkland Signature organic extra virgin olive oil will be $14.59 that's $5 cheaper than regular price.

Costco Catalogue Personal Care Products

October is a nice month to save and the Spring is here. I don't know how much we can socialize but we need to engage with a lot of people whether we like it or not during working times. Keep your social distancing. These are the days when you may not give a damn about your smell. But still, deodorants are on sale at Costco. Rexona women deodorant will cost $2 off.

Personal care products:

You can find electronics, home products, kitchen appliances, and more in the catalogue. Subscribe to the newsletter for many more deals like these.