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Countdown Mailer 19 - 25 Sep 2022

Countdown Mailer
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The new mailer can show you the new deals on chicken breast, dinner rolls, NZ butter, and more on the first two pages. Countdown is one of the best places to buy grocery products. You can see the new participating products that will give you free wiltshire cutlery. Earn 1 eStamp for every $20 spent when you use your OneCard. Save on frozen foods and ice cream. Save on your favourite snacks. Buy olive oil at a cheaper price. Pasta, olive oil, wrap, Old El Paso, simmer sauce, and more products will be on sale. Try new products from household supplies category. Finish, Vanish, Harpic, and more are available this week.

Countdown Mailer 19 - 25 Sep 2022

Browse more deals and special offers in Countdown Mailer 19 - 25 Sep 2022. Expect more deals in the future from this mailer.