Spotlight Catalogue 2 - 6 Sep 2020

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Quilt cover sets, plants, or anything that can be related to the decoration of your home or the usefulness of it. Bargain buys of the Spotlight Catalogue will last only 5 days. And they are already started today. Quilt cover sets, beach towels, and more items appear on the first page. Buy that QB set for only $39 this week at Spotlight. The catalogue also shows Father's Day gift ideas. You can find some of the gifts that are confectionery or classic gifts on pg 2. 50% off bath towels this week. Don't make your bedroom so busy. Let it be a place where you rest without thinking about anything.

Take a look at some of those Spotlight Catalogue deals:

Spotlight Father's Day Gifts

Basic gifts like socks, the classic ones that won't make anybody crazy about it. Spotlight Catalogue has got some decent quality items through the entire catalogue. Don't miss out the deals before you decide to buy anything.

Spotlight Catalogue 2 - 6 Sep 2020

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