Woolworths Catalogue 19 - 25 Aug 2020

Woolworths Catalogue
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Woolies has got the top deals like half prices this week. Get ready for the weekly sale. You have a new product range that contains products like M&M, Maltesers, Quilton, Pringles Chips, and more products. The first page shows 4 different half-price deals. Not only the food is on sale this week and I believe everybody would like a nice deal on their favourite deodorant. Some personal care products like Oral-B power toothbrush, Rexona deodorant, and more are available on pg 2. Check out bakery-deli products for making your breakfast a reason to wake up. Corn flakes, Nescafe cappuccino, pastry varieties, Twinings English breakfast tea, and more items are viewable in this part of the catalogue.

Woolworths Deli, Wooliesworth, Specials of Fresh Produce

The fresh products that are from the Australian lands and awesome prices are the content of this catalogue. Browse the details of the new catalogue that will allow you to know enough about these deals so that you'll make the perfect shopping list.

Find the finest of red meat and chicken at Woolies. Half-price deals will make you want to shop more. Quick food ideas and some products that can be your time savers are in this part of the catalogue.

Woolworths Catalogue Fridge and Freezer

There are some products that can be seen as somewhat healthy snacks. They are actually trapped foods. Most of them contain sugar and stuff like the snacks do. However, they are indeed lower calories than potato chips or coke with sugar. Find products like Chobani Greek yoghurt, Dare flavoured milk, and more in this section.

Woolworths Breakfast Products and New Deals

Shop the specials of cereals and breakfast drinks in the breakfast sale of Woolworths Catalogue 19 - 25 Aug 2020. Porridge sachets, froot loops, lesnak, and more items are available here. You can also find some extraordinary discounts like 40% off BettyCrocker baking products.

They have a low GI pure honey. Check out Capilano low Gi pure honey and you won't have to leave honey when you have the product.

Woolworths Pantry Products 19 - 25 Aug

Campbell's tomato condensed soup, rice cups, canned goods of various brands. Make your meals delicious, or make them easy. All you need to cook are available in the pantry sections of these catalogues. Don't forget to see these deals. Follow our social accounts for keeping getting your updates.

Make pumpkin soup and fast fish tacos at home. Different recipes, always a new idea on Woolworths Catalogues.