Woolworths Catalogue 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2022

Woolworths Catalogue
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Browse the new Woolworths Catalogue for the top deals on grocery items and snack foods this week. Half-price deals, specials, Christmas products, and more available in the latest catalogue. Swisse will cost half the regular price this week. See the deal on the first page. Christmas sale covers new deals on half leg ham, easy-carve shoulder ham, whole turkey, roasted turkey, and many more items. Help your party with some dips, lemons, platter products, and more. Make it delicious and anybody who participated in your party wanna come back again. Desserts are also a part of the new Christmas sale.

Woolworths Catalogue 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2022

Woolies sells products like Birds Eye Ocean Selections, Sara Lee ice cream and many more at half prices. Tea, coffee, breakfast products, fresh produce, bakery & deli products are gonna be on sale. Buy sausage for only $7 for 600g pack.

Meat & Seafood deals:

Woolworths Snacks & Pantry Sale 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2022

Buy your favourite snacks and breakfast drinks from the new catalogue. Woolworths Catalogue 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2022 has new deals on breakfast cereals, coffee, tea, and products of the same category.

Woolworths Catalogues have great deals on personal care items, supplements, health & beauty products, and this is not the only catalogue you can browse.