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Woolworths Catalogue 5 - 11 Jan 2022

Woolworths Catalogue
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Woolworths Catalogue 5 - 11 Jan 2022 is bursting with half-price deals. The first deals of the new year are already promising a profitable year for all customers. Find raspberries, thick & creamy yoghurt, Handee ultra, Cocobella, and more items are some of the half-price deals that you can find on pg 1-2. Shop your breakfast foods, drinks, crackers, and snacks at Woolies. You have deals in the personal care section, too. Take care of your skin and pay only half for what you need. Price of shampoos and conditioners will be half their regular prices on pg 3. Summer food deals are also a part of the new catalogue. Check out meat and picnic foods on pg 4-5.

Woolworths Catalogue 5 - 11 Jan 2022

Woolworths Fresh Deals

Check out the fresh departments, mangoes, white peaches, organic tomatoes, broccolini bunch, and more items. Deli & bakery has hot cross buns this week. Woolies also has prime quality meat, chicken, and seafood products.

Woolworths Frozen and Fridge Deals

Shop ready foods and snacking foods in this category. Frozen categories are offering great alternatives for those who don't like cooking or simply don't have time for it.  Half-price deals are also valid on some products of this category. Ice cream is one of those products. Mars or Snickers bars will cost only $4.25 which is a half-price deal.

Woolworths Snacks & Drinks

Shop these prices on 5 - 11 Jan 2022. Fantastic deals are waiting for you on your favourite brands of crisps or drinks. You can find great deals on cereals, too. Fibre One Bars is only $4 and you can save $1.50 on it.

Woolworths Pantry and Cereals

Visit this category for nice deals on your favourite cereals this week. Use Woolworths Catalogue 5 - 11 Jan 2022 to save on them. Nature Valley, Fibre One, Pana organic hazelnut chocolate, and more breakfast foods are featured items on this part of the catalogue.