ALDI Catalogue Home Appliances 14 October 2017

ALDI Catalogue Home Appliances 14 October 2017Special buys that will be on sale on Wednesday. ALDI home appliances are favourable for most online customers. Check out chest freezer, microwave oven, blenders, and more on pg 14-15. You can buy an HD TV with built-in DVD player at ALDI this week. Bauhn's 32" HD TV is not full HD but you can take this as a low budget alternative. iPhone 6 is going to be available on 14 October.

Energy Rating of 82L upright freezer is 3.5/5. That is a high ranking freezer when you consider the marketing prices of this kind of products. ALDI offers a huge sale with these brilliant products. Also, improve the sound systems in your home. Bluetooth soundbars with subwoofer, hifi system, remote control caddy and indoor antenna are featured products.

Grocery products, beverage, snacks, 7 day deals and more food products will be also on sale at ALDI.

In the food shelf of ALDI, Coconut water 1L is only $3, Westacre Colby cheese block is $3.99 and Simplicity foods sausage rolls 4pk is $6 and more products are available.

Bunnings Catalogue Blower Vac October 2017

Bunnings Catalogue Blower Vac October 2017Leaf of blower vacs are used to clean up backyards in general. First of all these products do not magically remove all the works. You will keep old fashioned ways, however, these blower vacs will save your time a lot. an example to its use could be cleaning your outdoor furniture in the fastest way. There might be a lot of undesired stuff on your furniture. This device will assist you blow away all the things. That's the decision you have to make for sure. The main idea is to move on the corners. You need to have a bin. Collect all the leaves in a bin. One of the keypoints is a big bag. You can use one your lawn mower's bags.

There are a lot of blower vacs at Bunnings Warehouse. One of the most popular ones in this month is Yardking 4-stroke 24.5cc blower vac that is priced at $165. 12 month warranty, high air speed. That's a handy product which will help you a lot saving your time. Go check out Bunnings official page for details. 1 liter tank capacity, variable speeds, 93 dB noise, 5kg weight. Dimensions of this product: W:220 H:255 L:375. Bunnings Catalogue Blower Vac is just one of the best products in this category. Follow on the Facebook or Twitter for more deals.



Harvey Norman Catalogue 2-in-1 Laptops 6 - 22 October 2017

Harvey Norman Catalogue has deals on 2-in-1 laptops of Acer, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft. These 2-in-1 laptops are mostly preferred by designers and office workers who need a lot of mobility with a lightweight device. Harvey Norman Catalogue 2-in-1 Laptops 6 - 22 October 2017They are pretty nice to draw something. For example Acer spin 2-in-1 laptop operates 8th Generation Intel processors. It can display 4K videos and run VR games. You will have 256 GB SSD with such a compact and lightweight laptop. Although it lacks of a good graphics card, Intel HD graphics can handle other than high end system requiring video games. Windows 10 is already installed in the laptop and 13.3" Full HD display will give you a sufficient performance.

The list of 2-in-1 laptops from Harvey Norman Catalogue is completely made with high-performance products. HP Spectre x360 is just one of these. The cheapest version of it is $1777. That's the cheapest but completely capable of doing office and design works unless you plan to challenge it with ultra high operations. Draw 3D models, dresses make your office work done, and all get a pretty nice display. As I mentioned, these are mainly focused on keeping the ratio of mobility/performance very high. They are doing very well so far.

At the beginning of modern days of PCs, Apple was dominating with its really compact products and high performance operating systems. But now, Windows and MacOS are having a tougher competition.

For more laptops and deals, follow Harvey Norman catalogue, view all the deals of this preview.

ALDI Special Buys 11 October 2017

Furniture is the main category that ALDI will try to sell on 11 October. Chair, sofa, rug, lamp and kitchenware are all included items of the next week's ALDI Catalogue Special Buys. They focused on small things that you might consider replacing or renewing. Also, Indian food will be on sale. Find spice variety, curry, wrap kits, bread, Indian bowls and more products. You have the power to change everything in your life. Just a little push will make an enormous change. Think little by little and make plans. Without scheduling, you won't accomplish anything. These small savings will mean a lot in the end of the year.

1 2 3

ALDI Catalogues are a great support in saving and making shopping easier. Accent armchair is one of the products in the current ad of the upcoming sale. It is going to be only $129. ALDI's furniture range is simple, modern and useful. That's what most people actually want. Just check out the deals from this sale.

  • Buffet $129
  • Accent Armchair $129
  • 2 seat sofa $199
  • Newington rug $99.99
  • Stretch slipcover $59.99
  • Hall Runner $69.99
  • Byron table lamp $39.99
  • Cushion Assortment $24.99
  • Frying pan with glass lid 24 cm $19.99
  • Anti-splash lid $5.99
  • Ceramic Frying pan 28 cm $19.99
  • Assorted ceramic knives $5.99
  • Grill and Oven tray 2 pc set $4.99
  • Multifunction food grater $24.99
  • Patak's Signature sauces 250g $2.49
  • Indian Bowls $14.99
  • Indian spice tin container $14.99

Many more items in this sale. Follow ALDI Catalogue on the Facebook or Twitter. You can reach all the details with the posts and preview of the catalogues.

Big W Catalogue Halloween 5 - 18 October 2017

Big W Catalogue Halloween 5 - 18 October 2017Big W Catalogue Halloween deals are so fun this week. Spooky gifts, scary costumes, lighting and decoration, masks, confectionery which means simply "trick and treats". They are all available for browsing on the preview. One of the biggest deals is for Mars, Cadbury or Nestlé sharepacks. That deal is on pg 9. And you should see it if you like to pay lower for your favourite brands.

Halloween costumes of skeleton and witch are on pg 2-3. Find carved pumpkins that are battery operated. You can either use afterpay method or pay in advance. Floating Ghost decoration is one of the best. Black Witch hat is only $2 at Big W stores.

Shop figures of spiders, dracula mask, skeleton mask, glow sticks and more on pg 4-5. Big W has super hero costumes. Batman, Superwoman, Ironman and more of DC comics and Marvel. Adults' costumes are also on sale. Check out pg 6 for skeleton costumes.

Good deals from this catalogue:

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