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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 18 – 24 Sep 2019 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. This page aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals from the retailer.

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Coles is one of few supermarket retailers that we love to review and browse its weekly specials or weekly catalogues. Moreover than these scroll down to read some of the latest reviews of our authors. Your attention may be drawn by one of those posts. Our posts generally aim to lead every visitor to the best deal, however you can also find authors who share their experiences with the product that they purchased from Coles.

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Coles Catalogue 15th April Half Prices

View new deals of Coles Catalogue 15th April 2015 to discover half priced products that are the weekly specials of this week. Coles Weekly Specials on the cover page are the half priced deals of the retailer. Coles Catalogue 15th April Half PricesThis week Coles got the best of fresh food and packed food varieties on this catalogue. Don't miss out a great range.


Half priced products of Coles on the cover page are soft drinks, biscuits, deodorant and multi-purpose bathroom-kitchen paper towels. Also 100% Aussie Beef with recipe can be seen on new Coles Catalogue. More of Coles Catalogue 15th April deals:

Snacks and Confectionery

To have fun in your house at night while watching a real movie in your living room there are plenty of snacks and confectionary at Coles Supermarket.
Mars medium, Smith's Chips, M&M chocolate balls 2 for $5 pg; 2
Allen's medium bags $2
Twisties $1
Tyrell's English chips $3

Coles Coca Cola Life

Coca Cola Life drink has reduced sugar and with the taste of Stevia you will be more healthy while getting the same taste. This Stevia is 450 times more sweet than Glucose and its energy is much more lesser accordingly. Perfect price from Coles Catalogue is available. Also see them on Coles Catalogue 15th April pages.
NEW Coca Cola Life Soft Drink 4x330 mL $4 (in glass)pg; 4
Coca Cola Life Mini soft drink $6
Coca-Cola Life soft drink 1.25 L in pet.
Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa Half price $4.49 ! pg; 5

Coles Recipe and Meat Products

Have look at the meat section of this catalogue an learn about a new recipe. Greek Lamb Gyros with original method of Coles is available on pg; 6.
Coles Angus Beef burgers 2 for $11 pg; 6
Whole Chicken $8 pg; 7

Other recipe is of T-Bone Steaks. Check it out on pg; 8. If you have difficulty in reading these recipes please leave it on the comment section below and I will write them in the posts next time.


Grocery items, deli products and fresh food are perhaps the primary reason people visit here. Great half prices of Coles and top quality food products of green grocery are featured.
Apples are only $2.50 per kg in this week. pg; 9.
Deli meat products on pg; 10.
Bakery offers on pg; 11.
Yoghurt specials and other dairy product offers on pg; 12&13.

Everyday specials of Coles Catalogue are offered. See half prices on pg; 16&17. A lot of products are available in this catalogue. Countless of them are impossible to put in this post.
Beauty products on pg; 22&23.
Personal care items like teeth care, baby care on pg; 26.
Stationery and media products like phones, figurines and DVD movies on pg; 27.
Cleaning supplies featuring paper towel, chemical cleaning products etc. are on pg; 28-29.

Coles Catalogue Half Prices 8th April

We will select only half priced products of latest Coles Catalogue. Coles Catalogue Half Prices 8th AprilReading this post you can reach all of the half price specials of Coles Catalogue this week. Pretty quality of food items, specials of Coles, new supermarket deals and soft drinks are among these half price specials. Remember to check out other retailers related to supermarket grocery catalogues as well. You can find them on the main page right side. Also check out "catalogues" tag to see full list of catalogues with images linked to the actual catalogue.


Coles Catalogue Half prices 8th April products are present in separate pages so that you may have difficulty to collect them in your mind. At once you can visit this post to see them with the list below.

Coles Cover Page Half Prices

Continental Cup a Soup 2 serve $1
Weet Bix $2.23
Up&Go Breakfast Reduced Sugar $2.23
Peters Drumstick 4pack-6pack $3.99

Coles Breakfast and Half Prices

Cadbury Brunch Bars $2 PG; 3
Peanut Butter, Kraft, $2.84
Maharajah's Choice Basmati Rice $8.75
Beyond 100% pure coconut water slimline can $1
Nestle Milo Cereal $2.49

New Freedom cereals of nutritious blends are available on pg; 16 with half prices. Check out these new deals of Coles in this week. Coles Catalogue offers best prices for these products.
Freedom Foods Gluten Free Muesli $3
Almond Breeze Unsweetened UHT milk $1.64

These are the highlighted food products of half price specials of Coles Catalogue. Other than these please mind the Coles specials that are on the end of the catalogue.

Coles Easter Specials April 2015 and Food Products

Check out latest Coles Catalogue to see recently released prices that are valid from tomorrow. Coles Easter Specials April 2015 and Food ProductsColes Easter Specials April 2015 are also available in this catalogue. With efficient prices and high quality material being sold at the Coles stores you need no more assistance with your shopping online. Coles offers all necessary things for you in this Easter. Coles Easter Specials April offers the best for all.
Also don't forget to see newest Woolworths catalogue featuring important and popular savings for this week. In first week of April as the season changes a lot in these times you may find different products. In the cover page we can see new deals.
Lindt Lindor bag chocolates $7.50
Smith's chips $2
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny $1.85
Kirks Soft Drink $4.34
Australian Large Cooked Black Tiger prawns $24
All of these items can be seen on the cover page. Also see Easter seafood on pg; 2. It is a great sale very well thought by editor. Check out that new sale with elegant selection. Salmon recipe is available on pg; 4.
Through entire catalogue you can see various Easter food products. Coles makes your holiday joyful and it tries different way to make success. See new meat products on pg; 6&7.
Coles Grill RSPCA approved chicken skewers honey soy $6.50 pg; 6
Coles Grill Lamb Souvlaki Strips $8
Lamb cutlets large tray $23
Coles Australian Beef Porterhouse steak large tray $24
Many more of Coles Catalogue and other supermarket grocery catalogues please go to the "catalogues" page.

Coles Catalogue Online Specials 25th March 2015

Coles Catalogue Online Specials 25th March has launched with excellent pricing and high quality products which you can see on preview. Coles Catalogue Online Specials 25th March 2015Lindt's Easter chocolates, 100% Australian meat, personal care items, chocolate products, fresh food, seafood, Coles specials are heavily focused on this catalogue.
You may see a lot of snacks, beverages as well. Don't forget to check out this huge sale of Coles to remain informed about the low prices of Coles Specials.


This catalogue prices are valid from 25th March. Coles specials are only sale on this week. Some of the Coles specials are:
Perfect Italiano pizza plus cheese $6 pg; 10
MasterFoods Lemon Butter spread $2.50 pg; 16
Recipe of cookies for Easter is readable on pg; 16.
Twinnings Tea Bags $5 pg; 20
Nescafe Coffee $7.50 (150g)
Grinders Coffee $6
Cadbury Drinking chocolate $2 pg; 21
Devondale UHT Milk 2 L 2 for $4
Jordans Crunchy Oat Granula $5
Sanitarium up&go liquid breakfast $18
Optus pre-paid ZTE Hop Smart $39 pg; 32


Chocolates for Easter and chocolate bunnies are featured on new section of the Coles Catalogue. Check huge sale of new Coles Catalogue products for this Easter.
Cadbury Happy Easter Egg carton $6
Cadbury Bumper Bunny $4.50
Red Tulip Elegant rabbit 2 for $6


On cover page you can meet with new half price specials. Cool products of Coles this week catalogue are featured on the cover page.
Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink $9.49
John West Tuna Tempters $1
Campbell's Country Ladle or Chunky Soup $1.64
Lindt Lindor Gift Box $8.90
Half prices of personal care products and snacks including chocolate and favorite breakfast products are sale on pg; 2&3. You may have a nice look on this new catalogue and save more with it. Coles Catalogue specials are always easy to find on the page of supermarket grocery catalogue where this kind of food catalogues are available.

Coles Specials Catalogue March 2015 Easter Sale

Coles Specials Catalogue March prices are featured on our new post. Coles specials are top products of supermarket food and household needs again. Coles Specials Catalogue March 2015 Easter SaleShining deals can be easily in front of you once you start browsing the latest catalogue. Supermarket grocery catalogues are good way to discover excellent savings. To beware of perfect products of the Coles you can use this page to follow next sales of the retailer. Coles Catalogue specials of Easter and supermarket products of the retailer.


Top products are always seen on the cover pages of all catalogues. Once we start reading the catalogue we are easily coming across with few popular deals. Pet food, snacks, cleaning supplies and more products of Coles created this new catalogue.
Pedigree Dog Food HALF PRICE SPECIAL $1.84
Pringles Potato Chips 140g, $2 HALF PRICE
Special K Kellogg's Crackers chips, $2 HALF PRICE
Cadbury medium bars, $0.99 HALF PRICE
Sorbent Toilet Tissue 8 pack $3.50


New snacks, popular chocolate brands and confectionery deals by Coles are featured on this section of new catalogue. Please go to pg; 2&3 for more information and details about the prices:
Smith's potato chips and Tim Tam Arnott's 2 for $5 mix and match sale.
Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink 2 L, $2
Kettle potato chips, $3
Mars Maltesers gift box 360g $5
Golden Circle golden pash $1.09
Lindt creation or Lindor block $2 HALF PRICE
Guylian seashells $7.75


Meat products are readable on pg; 4&5 and seafood variety on pg; 8&9. See all of the seafood products of Coles on these pages. Choose the perfect meat variety for you.
Birds Eye Fish fingers 15 pack $3 pg; 8
Pacific West Fish Fillets $5
John West Tuna Pasta $3
John West Tuna tempters 2 for $2
Imported Vannemei prawns thawed $15


You can find these products with the prices everyday in stores. It contains cheese variety, olives, bread and ham.
Tasty cheddar slices $6
Olive oil spread $2
Coles bread $2
Australian extra virgin olive oil 3 L $18
Coles sliced ham $5