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Coles Catalogue Snacks Christmas 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2018

Celebrate Christmas a little earlier with buying quality food and snacks at Coles supermarket this week. Coles Catalogue Snacks Christmas 28 Nov Preview can show you the half-price deals of on the first page where Red Rock Deli chips, Allen’s medium bag, Dove body wash, Zooper Dooper with ½ prices are available. Shop Schweppes pack of 4, Frantelle spring water pack of 24 and Coke pack of 30 at cheaper prices of the week. Visit pg 2 to see all of them. More half-price snacks are chocolate bars, Pringles, chips, and Cadbury. In snacks categories, there is usually bags of candies and snacks that are obviously prepared specially for Christmas and holidays. You have more good prices of soft beverage on pg 7. Sanpellegrino soft drink cans will cost half. Pay only $4.85 a for pack of 6. More recipes, Christmas products, bakery, seafood, meat, Christmas decorations and accessories may be interesting to you. In the catalogue, find pantry products like Annalisa tomatoes, MasterFoods squeezy tomato or barbecue sauce, Uncle Bens products, and John West canned seafood. Get your vitamins and essential oils from the high-quality canned seafood of a world-wide brand.

Specials and more deals:

Don’5 forget to get your 20% discount on Chrismtas decoration products that are available on pg 16-17.

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 21 – 27 Nov 2018 | Christmas Foods

Festive food is a real thing at Coles stores this week. Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 21 – 27 Nov has fantastic deals such as new products and half-price sale. Find plenty of everyday prices on the catalogue. Visit pg 18-19 for whole cooked lobster, raw banana prawns, turkey breast roast, whole turkey and more items that are on sale starting on 21 November. Christmas tree decoration and LED Tree lights for celebration, are featured items on pg 20-21. Check out Christmas hat, gift wrapping, gift cards and stockings. Perhaps a nice dinner prepared with Coles Australian lamb forequarter chops will be quite a story with your family and friends. You have fantastic prices of meat and deli products on pg 22-23. Find more of the delight with bakery and fresh produce selection with products such as Coles bakery jumbo rolls. Pay only $3.90 for yellow and white peaches. Australian spring onions bunch, broccoli, natural walnuts, BBQ slaw kit, beurre bosc pears are all available in the new selection.

½ prices:

Fridge category is where you can find a lot of dairy products with great savings. Bega cheese block, Nudie juice, Big M or Farmers union, Primo sliced meat, Rana filled pasta, Coles salmon skin on, and low fat yoghurt of Vaalia are a few. Have your breakfast with protein boost. Coles Specials covers nice breakfast and lunch meat on pg 30.

Coles Catalogue Christmas Snacks 21 – 27 Nov 2018

Sweet things of Christmas and holiday are available in this Coles Catalogue. You should see the recipe of frozen Christmas pudding with chocolate sauce. Necessary ingredients of that recipe, bakery products on pg 12, a product of the year and half-price Christmas treats consisting of chocolate boxes and top brands such as Ferrero Rocher must be interesting to most customers. Kinder mini Santa 3 pack 45g will cost only $1.50! Coles has offers on Cadbury Roses, favourites, Maltesers and more sweet Christmas treats, too. Stock up soft drinks like soda packs that are available on Coles Catalogue. You have deals on Powerade, Pepsi Max, Solo, Springwater and more on pg 2. Half-price deals on crisps, Golden Circle and more are also interesting and profitable discounts.

Half-Price specials like Gatorade endurance power formula and sports drink are also available in the Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 6-7 for more low prices. Sprite Lemonade or Fanta, Redbull and more of the favourite brands of the soda category are on pg 7. Check out some of the nice Christmas chocolate boxes and treats on pg 14-15:

Coles Catalogue Food Deals 14 – 20 Nov 2018

Christmas seafood and hams are two really important categories from this Coles Catalogue which has a lot more for Christmas. In the seafood page find basa fillets thawed, raw banana prawn meat, smoked cod fillets thawed, imported cooked vannamei prawns thawed, John West salmon with lemon and herb crust. Delicious hams are available on pg 9. Coles single smoked half leg ham bone in and Primo boneless ham quarters are only two of the products from that category. Sakata Rice crackers, oliving twiggy sticks, Chris’ heritage dip of 170g, Sakata rice crackers, Ashgrove cheddar or havarti are possibly interesting products for everyone from the deli dept. Three new products are packaged foods on pg 11. Lobster tails with garlic and herb butter, garlic prawn skewers, cooked tiger prawns, are new products at low prices.

Sweets are essentials of all Christmas catalogues like this one. You have sweets like mango cheesecake, mini fruity meringues, black forest or passionfruit and mango
trifle, Coles Pavlova, and more. Also, find some traditional Christmas decoration products, reindeer, glitter tree, ceramic tree decoration, mini Christmas cards and more are featured items.

Breakfast, Pantry and Fruits

Refresh yourself in the morning with a cup of coffee prepared with Nescafe Blend 43, get your nutrition quickly from Nutri-grain or prefer Crunchola Superfoods ancient grains and nuts or berries and vanilla, because they are all really good deals on Coles Catalogue pg 16. Find more coffee, packaged food, sauce variety and canned foods on pg 17. Moccona Freeze dried coffee is only $16 for its 400g. Continental quick food ideas can be a solution to your lack of time for cooking. Coffee capsules are also on sale. Save half the regular price on Gold’n Canola and Sunrice products on pg 18.

Find more deli products on pg 20-21. Burgers, steak, fried chicken, packaged meat products, cabanossi, cocktail frankfurt, posh dogs, and lunch meat variety are all available in the latest sale of the deli on pg 20-21.

Half-Price deals from the Pantry, Frozen Food, Dairy:

Coles Catalogue Snacks 14 – 20 Nov 2018 | Christmas Treats

There are essential snacks you should have stocked at home. Some of them including chips of cookies, breakaway chocolate biscuits, tortilla chips, Maltesers, Grain Waves and much more are available at half prices or dropped prices. Monster Energy drink is one of the Coles specials. Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Maximus sports drink in the beverage shelf. Cadbury favourites are Christmas treats. Christmas celebration might require a number of snacks and candies including such chocolate boxes. Stock the chocolate boxes, chocolate bars, candy bags and get the brands like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury at Coles stores this week. Coles offers amazing deals on many good foods from more categories. Seafood, meat, deli meat, a new recipe of McKenzie’s bliss balls that is a perfect sweet for Christmas.

Browse the beverage deals featuring soda packs like coke and Schweppes.

Merry Christmas! You will find chocolate and candy bags of brands including Cadbury, Lindt Lindor and Ferrero Rocher on pg 6-7. Don’t forget to see these awesome discounts. Coles has always been a place to find nice candies and sweets for celebration events like Christmas or New Year.