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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 24 – 30 Oct 2018 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. Category of Coles aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals of the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 10 – 16 Oct 2018

Chobani yogurt tub, Kellogg’s crunchy nut, Coles bakery cheese, and more products are in the category of Back to School sale. Visit pg 8-9 to see the prices of cheese variety. Coon tasty cheese slices, cheese block or shredded, Western Star spreadable, The Juice lab pressed juice, Vaalia kids yoghurt pouch, Activia yoghurt and more are featured in the range. Go to pg 10-11 for bakery and deli products. The smell of fresh bread is used in supermarkets to whet your appetite so you desire to buy some food, particularly, fresh products. Coles Finest by Laurent White or Rye Sourdough Vienna or a like-class product in the same page will cost only $5/ea. They taste good as much as they smell delicious. I love bakery products for their prices are so nice, too. Cinnamon donuts, pastries, Crumpet breaks, rolls, bakery loaf and more are featured, too. Coles Specials in deli can be seen on pg 12. Check out these smoked ham, mortadella, silverside, and more meat products. There is a place where you can read about the science of BBQ. They tell that meat or fresh vegetables taste better because of Maillard reaction. Similarly, caramelization from toasting your bread makes it taste much better. Burning sugar too much is dangerous and it’s cancerous sometimes. So be careful of consuming these products. Browse the prices of asparagus, Australian beef blade roast with seasoning, packaged burgers, t-bone steak and other meat products on pg 14-15.

Half-Price Deals and more in Grocery and Pantry:

Dairy Products, Frozen and more Half-Price deals

You should see this frozen food sale on pg 22-24. Dairy Farmers thick and creamy yoghurt is $4. Save $1.50 on Mainland cheese block, $1.35 on dairy buttersoft which are viewable on pg 22. Coles Beef Lasagne of 1.8kg pack will cost only $10/ea.

Moreover, personal care, health products, special deals on non-food categories are available in the Coles Catalogue. Check out all deals in the preview, never miss out deals. Follow our Facebook page where we share the catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Snack Deals 10 – 16 Oct 2018

Half-price deals on John West tuna, Lynx deo, Finish Quantum ultimate, Nestlé or Allen’s block chocolate on the first page. Red Rock Deli chips, Majans bhuja deli style nuts and more products are featured items, too. Pepsi Max, M&M’s and Maltesers are on sale. You can restock candies and have them sweets around all the time with lowered prices by Coles supermarket. Kirks soft drink, Sprite, Fanta are down down deals. Price drops on Gatorade, V8, Powerade, Mother energy drink and more will cost less than regular this week. Also, back to school sale is another major category. Check out products like belVita biscuits, Peckish, Smith’s Crinkle cut potato chips, and more in the school range. Coles snack sale occupies the first 7 pages of the catalogue.

Cadbury old gold, Dark milk products will cost $3/ea. Save $2 on those sweet chocolate products. Delicious Allen’s medium bag, Pascall Marshmallows are also on sale. Discounts on eclipse, Kettle sea salt, Cranberry spray fruit drink are also interesting, too.

Beverage deals from Coles:

Browse Back to School snacks including belVita biscuits on pg 6-7. Highly popular products are interesting, sufficient, and probably the best things about school lunch deals from this catalogue.

The catalogue has categories like breakfast, deli, bakery, meat, fresh produce and much more. You can see all in the preview display. Follow our Facebook page where we share all the content about the Coles Catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 3 – 9 Oct 2018

First, you need a hell of a coffee in the morning to begin life. Every new day is your respawning point in life. So you need a little boost in the early hours to get ready. Moccona and Lavazza classic coffee types or the capsules can help you find a good deal. Today, you can browse health bread variety on pg 10. Wonder White bread, Uncle Tobys chewy choc chip, peanut butter of Bega and Up&GO breakfast. 3 pages are fully about the breakfast and lunch deals. Visit pg 12-13 for the half-price deals on breakfast products. That also contains oats and packaged food. Baked oaty slices, natural oats, Weet-Bix bites, LCM’s and more are on sale. Coles has deals on dairy products including cheese. Chobani yogurt tub of 170g is only $1.50. Berri Australian Grown juice 2L will cost $5.40. You can also shop products like Nutella hazelnut. 750g can of Nutella spread is $6.50! Edgell corn kernels, black beans, beetroot and more are also on sale.

Pantry products like Almond breeze, Heinz spaghetti, and some snacks are also available in the pantry shelf. Find more on pg 16-17 where John West Tuna cans, Maggi 2min noodles, Continental packaged foods are available.

These are only few picked from the range of Coles Catalogue pantry and grocery sale. You can see more yogurt and cheese variety on pg 18-19. Classic pumpkin soup on pg 20. Discover the prices of more products at Coles stores. Fresh produce, meat, Spring lamb and a new Connoisseur ice cream product are available. More deals of the half-price sale from Coles catalogue:

Coles Catalogue Snack Deals 3 – 9 Oct 2018 | Half-Price Sale

The first that you can browse in the latest Coles Catalogue is a snack sale. Two show only the half-price deals on Spam, John West, Nestle cooking chocolate, La Espanola olive oil, and more products. Lindt Lindor chocolate is among the half-priced deals from the snack range. Visit pg 4-5 for more deals in the snack sale. Restock the chips, chocolate bars, mint candies. Your favourite show on TV is about to start but you don’t have the proper food to go with the show. That’s not good in any case because the best thing about the games is having fun with the snacks. Coles offers a lot of good deals on these products. Browse them all and follow our Facebook page where we share the updates about future Coles catalogue deals. Our favourite sod packs from Coca-Cola, Sprite, Lift, Cocobella, Maximus and more brands are available at lower prices on pg 6-7. You should also see breakfast foods including Moccona coffee and Lavazza. They have a really good choice of coffee or breakfast tea varieties.

More deals in snack category:

Soda packs and soft drinks :

Cadbury chocolate fingers biscuits is another half-price deal and much more similar products will be available in the

Coles Catalogue Personal Care 26 Sep – 2 Oct 2018

Protect your skin, make a change with your hair, refresh the stocks of bathroom consumables and get feminine care items for cheaper prices at Coles stores. The Coles Catalogue preview shows the new beauty and body products on pg 28-29. A part of the personal care category. 5 different products are available for half the regular prices. And many discounts on dozens of products are viewable on the Coles Catalogue. Clairol Nice’n Easy hair colour is a popular and familiar product. Shop Dove deo, dry shampoo of Batiste, and health products like daily-use medicines on these pages. You can see deals on soap, shampoo, conditioner of popular brands if you go to pg 30. All of them are at half prices this week. There is also the baby care products. An alternative deal to many available products in most supermarkets. Coles has a nice price range for the high-quality items of the baby-care category.

Bic Hybrid comfort 3 razor 1 pack will cost only $3.97. And that’s another half-price deal. See a single page full of these deals:

The catalogue also has pet food and pet care products on pg 32. Spring clean sale features top cleaning products on sale. There is another half-price deal for them on pg 31. Check out toy products on pg 34. Picnicware and barbeque will also be available this week on the catalogue.