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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 20 – 26 Jun 2018 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. Category of Coles aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals of the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Deals 23 – 29 May 2018


Browse all the deals on Coles Catalogue 23 – 29 May preview. Coles has a variety of types in deals and most will be in favour of your budget spared for weekly shopping. At first sight, half-price deals on snacks, beverage and breakfast products draw attention. Details of each deal which are available in the content of preview, the lists of the posts that can lead to more savings, and more are waiting for customers who like to save from the expenses.
Food is something you must be able to get the best prices. With that said, we should e aware of what strategy Coles Catalogue can develop in the savings. TimTam, KitKat, Kleenex and Luv-A-Duck frozen duck are going to be available at half prices. Visit the first page of the catalogue, make more savings with those ½ prices.

Restock your needs for breakfast. Including Twinings English breakfast tea, Nestle Milo, Moccona freeze-dried coffee and more products that can meet your needs with simplicity and low prices, there is a nice product range on pg 8. Moreover, half-price deals on pantry products are possible attractions as well. View the list of half-price deals from the category of the pantry.

John West canned salmon, sardines, Heinz and more quick food ideas are possible to find on pg 11. Recipe of Mexican beef mince and products of fiesta food. Old El Paso fajita kit, taco seasoning, water pitcher, chopping board, red onions and more products are featured items in the Mexican category. Also, breakfast nutrition is on Coles Catalogue. Your favourite cereals from Kellogg’s; just right, crunchy nut, froot loops and more are available on pg 15.

Coles Specials are Primo meat products like salami and sausage variety. Visit pg 18 to discover all these offers. In the everyday sales, you can explore more like-class items. All these will be important shopping items in this week. For example, Dare flavoured milk is a good deal. Pay only $3.10 for 750mL bottle. Another special deal is that of nudie juice of 2L bottle. That will cost only $5.50 which is $1.09 less than the previous price.

½ prices from frozen aisle:

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Coles Catalogue Half-Price Deals 16 – 22 May 2018


This preview is that of Coles Catalogue 16 – 22 May 2018 and it features a lot of the new half-price products. Starting from pg 1-3 you will realise that some popular pantry products and snacks are in fact being sold at half the regular prices this week at Coles. Also, 5000 return flights will be shared with flybuys entries you receive for every $50 spent in the store. Read this post about Coles Catalogue Half-Price Deals 16 – 22 May for more information.

Down Down deal is another thing which features the products that have been consistently dropping since given date. Look for everyday and down down marks on products for a good price drop. Mars chocolates, Snickers, Smith’s chips will be at half prices. Go to pg 8 for a Coles special that will be for Nestle Kit Kat Chunky which is a new product. It will be $1 for now but this catalogue is one week long so I think you had better hurry about something you want to buy since it can raise the price in future.

Moreover, there is a good selection of canned food products on pg 13. Edgell sliced beetroot, creamed corn, four bean mix, red kidney beans and more products are going to be down down deals. Also, Masterchef chosen supermarket Coles sells nice meat products. Visit pg 16-17 for an exclusively good range of price. Chicken, sausage, beef scotch fillet, beef meatballs and more will be on sale there.

½ prices:


Dairy products that will be sold at half prices can also be interesting for many of customers. Down Down bakery loaf will be $1.80, Oak flavoured milk will be $2.35. Dare flavoured milk, dairy farmers thick and creamy yoghurt, the juice lab pressed juice and more products are featured deals.

YoPro by Danone is a high protein yoghurt and it will cost half this week. Devondale’s spectacular selection of cheese is an everyday deal on pg 24-25. These two pages are a source of everyday deals and you can always check them out. Today, all the deals on Coles products will be viewable in this preview.

½ prices:

Quick food ideas:

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Coles Catalogue Half Prices 9 – 15 May 2018 | Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day gifts at Coles is a product range which covers flowers bouquets, a nice breakfast sale, bonus points on the purchases of gift cards and a mixture of product categories creating another of gifts. A gift list covering many products from different categories can be found on pg 11. It’s not a surprise that one of the major sales promoted in this catalogue is the lists of half-price deals. View pg 2-3 which are completely about the products sold at half prices. Moreover, Coles Catalogue highlights flybuys deal that will return 5000 flights in Australia. See pg 15 for the details of that deal.

In the first part of the catalogue, there are snacks and beverage of likeable brands. They are available at half prices.

You can find the ingredients for a good meal to be ready for dinner. Also, the breakfast is an important sale from Coles Catalogue. Down Down deals that have been quite popular in recent years, are again available in a new Coles Catalogue. Moreover, the deli and meat products are featured. Coles is a MasterChef chosen supermarket since 2009 and their department of meat has been strongly developing. I am sure the half-price deals on frozen products will draw your attention for the significant price drops. Visit pg 29 for these items which are generally what you would expect from a good frozen sale.

There are more products for half prices in this catalogue. I recommend you to browse all categories for a possible good deal.


Woolworths Catalogue and Coles Catalogue are both offering good deals on gifts for Mother’s Day. I would also recommend Target, Kmart and ALDI catalogues for good gifts. Check out all those sales for better prices and important products.

Coles has a flower sale on pg 8. These gifts are basically for you to spend a lovely day with your family and especially with your Mother.

An excellent breakfast that reminds me of European style breakfast food is available on pg 10. Coles Croissants, Bonne Maman Jam and more products are on sale.

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Coles Catalogue Half-Price Home Products | Pharmacy, Pet, Kitchen


You can really profit out of this shopping at Coles stores. They have an exciting half-price deal on most items from pharmacy aisle of Coles. Nature’s Way omega-3 fish oil, collagen, magnesium, curcumin tablets. Nature’s Way is one of the leading brands of vitamin and mineral tablets. Now, Coles would be a good opportunity to save on these purchases. Lower the expenses for more comfortable weeks to spend with your family.
Pet food is also a good idea of category to spend some. Feed your little friends with the top quality food. Schmackos Dog treats, Pedigree dentastic, and more products have been featured in this sale.
You may also check out those cleaning items. Cold Power, Glen 20 disinfectant spray, Ajax and more brands are going to be half-price.


Pet Products

½ Price Cleaning Products

Find more products and further details about these products and the latest Coles Catalogue. I believe that everyone is able to find something in this catalogue and the catalogues to come.

Coles Catalogue Half Prices 2 – 8 May 2018


Click on the image of the cover and open the catalogue to see 4 products at half prices. All 4 of them are beloved ones. Also, Steggless chicken family roast is a good half-price deal and it will cost only $2.90/kg. Moro olive extra virgin olive oil, Heinz Big red condensed soup, Gold’n Canola vegetable oil and more products will be available at half prices.

Discover these products on pg 1-5. I would like to recommend those “down down” deals which will be on pg 8-9. There are favourites like Red Bull energy drink, Always fresh pitted kalamata olives, Sakata rice crackers and similar products. Coles is a good place to find such deals from all categories.

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