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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 13 – 19 Feb 2019 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. This page aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals from the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 6 – 12 Feb 2019

This week’s Coles Catalogue offers a classic range of pantry, grocery, fresh produce, meat, deli, and bakery products in the food section which might be referred as the first half of the catalogue. In general, they have half-price deals as one of the primary discounts. That shelf covers everybody’s favourite things at a lower price. We can also see South Asia’s beautiful packaged food products like Passage to India butter chicken simmer sauce, coconut cream, and like-class foods. Regular needs like vegetable oils, canned soup, sauces, rice etc. are available on pg 11-13. Save $1 on Sirena Tuna, $1.88 on Barilla pasta sauce, $1.25 on John West Tuna 425g, and save even more on many likable foods. Breakfast is one of the major categories of all Coles Catalogues including this preview. You may buy SPC peaches, So Good Almond milk, Nestle Milo, Kellogg’s Special K, Coco pops, Vegemite, Nutella hazelnut spread and more products at half prices or lowered prices. Besides, these are not all the things you can find at Coles stores. Check out easy meal ideas by Coles. Find chicken schnitzel soft taco and chicken kiev with Kaleslaw on pg 16-17. More attractive discounts and special meat and seafood offers can be seen on pg 18-19. Prices are reset every week. Lamb meat, deli lunch meat, excellent selection of seafood products and similar sort of things are also the featured items. Save $2.50/kg on Coles Australian lamb boneless shoulder roast.

Valentine’s Day treats;

Breakfast foods:

Deli, bakery and meat;

More half-price deals are available on Coles Catalogue. You will come across with the half prices on Mars ice cream varieties, Creative gourmet frozen banana chunks, Hong Kong frozen snacks etc. on pg 26-27. Follow our Facebook page or Twitter to get notifications about the future Coles Catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Snacks 6 – 12 Feb 2019

Junk food, beloved soda packs, our favourite breakfast foods, and more are again on sale at Coles stores. Before you visit anywhere for shopping, check out the latest Coles Catalogue that is a preview of the deals that will be valid starting on Wednesday. You should see some of the best things like the half-price deals on Pringle, Nestle Kit Kat, Bagel Crisps which are available on pg 3. Arnott’s TimTam slams are new products at Coles. Three different flavours can be seen on pg 4. Nescafe Cappucino, Nestle Milo, Moccona, Lavazza, Lipton and more might come interesting to everyone. You should also see the Pepsi Max price which is only $14 for 24x375mL. That’s a $10.30 discount on Pepsi Max. Doritos has also a pack of its crackers on pg 7. Cadbury products will cost half the regular price. Favourites box of chocolates, Roses and dairy milk will be the sweets that will cost half. Check out recipes on this catalogue. Discover Valentine’s Day gifts, gift cards, discounts on plush animals. To see these offers, please check out pg 8-9.

Beverage packs:

See more products in the preview of the catalogue, check out the latest savings, follow our Facebook page to beware of future Coles Catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Cleaning Supplies 30 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

You can restock the cleaning supplies with the lowered prices by Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 32-33 for the main content of the discounts on cleaning supplies and consumables like Kleenex, Morning Fresh etc. They have a nice half-price deal on many products on pg 33. Coles also offers pet products such as Pedigree dog food, dentastix, Felix cat food, Whiskas cat food and more on pg 34. There is quite a good range of household products, too. Food storage products have been popular products of the weekly catalogues at the beginning of the first month. The reason for that is remaining celebration foods and decorative accessories from the new year and Christmas parties. There are still half-price deals at Coles. Visit pg 35 to see them.

Coles has personal care part in the non-food section. Restock your L’Oreal Elvive shampoo or conditioner, Blackmores fish oil or more products like dental care. Colgate Plax is only $3.25 at Coles supermarket this week. Don’t forget to see baby care products like Baby Love nappy pants priced at half the regular value. An effective facial shavee is only possible with an ultra-sharp razor. Nowadays, razors are a bit expensive if the quality is over standard. Bic produces a quality range of razors and one of them is Hybrid Flex 4 pack which costs only $7 at Coles this week.

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 30 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

Wild Tides, Smith’s, Bulla Creamy ice cream and more products are half-price deals at Coles. Find snacks and a wide range of grocery and pantry products in the mid part of this catalogue. McVitie’s digestive biscuits, Cadbury Coco or Green & Black’s Block chocolate, Lo Carb, and more are the featured products on pg 17. Maltesers and Celebrations can be purchased at a half price. Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, and more favourite chocolate brands can be found in this range. You can find a decent price drop on your favourite coffee brand at Coles. Nescafe Blend 43, Nescafe Gold, L’OR, Jarrah, and more brands are available on pg 18. Find half-price deals on Dolmio extra pasta sauce, Marion’s kitchen meal kit, Heinz Beanz creationz, John West salmon, and more are good offers as well. Canned foods, taco, gourmet liquid stock, and more are available on pg 20-21. Chicken and Pancetta pizza is also an interesting deal by Coles. Make your pizza on your own for a cheaper price than an online order. Browse pg 23 for these. Coles pasta of large shells of 500g pack is only $1! Coles also offers seafood and meat on pg 24-25. Fresh salmon, Primo Cabanossi, Don Melosi Champagne leg ham, and more from this category are on pg 24-25. T bone steak will cost $21/kg this week. Fresh fruits, royale potatoes, chicken caesar salad, are the classy choices of the new catalogue. You can always check out this page for more offers by Coles catalogues.

Everyday prices and meat products:

Quick food ideas, meals, and half-price deals:

Coles Catalogue Back to School 30 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

You might want to stock nice snacks, breakfast nutrition, beverage and special foods that are quick and practical to consume during school hours. Coles Catalogue Back to School is exactly the place to look for a good price of a Kellogg’s Nutri-grain pack or Arnott’s Shapes originals. Stock them in your pantry, pack them for kids. Every day will become rich in nutrition at school. Don’t forget to see buns, loaf, muffins, Anzac biscuits, 5 pack slices, White Bread and more products, too. Nothing beats a slice of good bread with hazelnut spread. Ice cream sale by Coles is an interesting deal, too. Streets Magnum, Paddle Pop, Golden Gaytime or Sanga, Streets Calippo and more ice cream products are the featured discounts in the frozen range on pg 10. You can buy Peters Light and Creamy 1.8L for only $4 at Coles this week. Moreover, the catalogue can also help customers find lower prices of snacks and beverage products. That includes Powerade, Coca-cola, Pepsi Max, Solo, Cheezels. Also, many of them are priced at half the regular values. Pantry products, a non-food section of the catalogue and much more are also interesting and profitable parts of the new sale which is the content of the newest Coles Catalogue.

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