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Coles Catalogue Personal Care 25 – 31 July, 2018

Another comprehensive product range by the category of Coles Catalogue Personal Care 25 – 31 July 2018. Berocca Effervescent, Cenovis once daily women’s multi capsules, and more pharmacy products are available on pg 28. If you have a sore throat, check out the products on bottom of the same page. Betadine products with honey and lemon flavor will help you recover quickly. Go to pg 29 for hair care. Hair colours, Natural World shampoo and half-price deals are featured.
Moreover, dental products like those of Oral-B, and razors of Gillette, Venus are available on pg 30-31. The special pricing of Coles makes it easy to shop these items. Make your shopping list for the personal care needs of the week and go to Coles for these prices.

In this catalogue you can also find chemicals for cleaning, pet products, kitchen products and more. Follow our Facebook page for more deals and the future Coles Catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Deals Jul 25 – 31, 2018 | Half Prices, Grocery

Coles Little shop deals are going on. Check out the new Coles Catalogue for deals like half prices on the first page. Carman’s nut bars, Twinings breakfas tea, and more are half price deals on that page. Earn items for your purchases of many products that are participating items to the Little Shop sale. Cadbury Dairy milk, Freddo, Arnott’s, eclipse and more candies and snacks are on sale on pg 3. Browse the half-price sale on pg 4-5. L’OR, Campbell’s are featured products. Buy TimTam or Wagon Wheels for only $5! Schweppes soda water and lemon-lime will cost only $2.90! To see Coles Little shop items please go to pg 2.

Snacks and beverage are an important category of all Coles Catalogues. Browse some good deals on the beverage on pg 6-7. Down Down deal on Dolmio Lasagne bechamel and thick tomato. These practical food and pantry products are on sale and it really drops down the cost of weekly living. spc Aussie made beans and spaghetti will be $.90! Wholesome falafel chips is half price.

Buy, Scan and Win with Coles Little Shop deals. Pesto sauce and Maggi 2 min. noodles are participating food products to this deal. Visit pg 13 for coffee sales. Nescafe Blend 43, LeSnak, Nestle Milo, Uncle Tobys corn flakes, cereals and other breakfast products are available on pg 14. Buy LeSnak for only $5. Vitasoy rice milk or soy milk will cost $1.50. Those are some popular milk products preferred by vegetarians.

Half Price Deals:

Recipe of healhty chicken chow mein is readable on pg 20. Ingredients and methods and some of the necessary proudcts. Chicken breast fillets are $9/kg at Coles after Wednesday. More meat products and chicken can be seen on pg 21. Fresh products including kiwifruit, potatoes, apples, and deli meat products are available on pg 22-23. Buy Big M chocolate milk for only $4. Farmers Union Greek style yoghurt will cost only $5! Lurpak, pro-activ and like-class dairy products are also on sale.

More half prices:

Furthermore, find pharmacy, personal care, cleaning products, baby products and more on this catalogue. Follow our Facebook page for more deals from Coles.

Coles Catalogue Household Sale 18 – 24 Jul 2018 | Little Shop Collectables

Half-price deal is the dominant discount in this category of the latest Coles Catalogue. Find household products that are mainly the chemical cleaning products on pg 34-35. Sorbent, Biozet Attack, White King, Cold Power products are on sale at half prices. Learn about Coles Little Shop with this catalogue. For every $30 spent on the products of Coles you will get a collectable. They have 30 of them and if you want to collect all of them that would be $900 worth shopping. You can have them online or in-store. There is a chance to win complete cases. Buy a participating brand product and scan flybuys card for a chance. If you find a bonus mini read head you can win $100 gift card. Get a Coles catalogue and find the a code on bonus Red Hand. You may also create your own little shop. Shopping basket, Cardboard shop, apron or bag set are among the little shop items.

Half Prices from household category:

Coles also offers mobile phones, Bonds clothing products and more. Follow our Facebook page to hear more about the future deals of Coles Supermarket.

Coles Catalogue Personal Care 18 – 24 Jul 2018

Swisse tablets including odourless wild fish oil, sleep tablets, magnesium, iron, hair skin nails, will cost half at Coles. To see personal care products in Coles Catalogue, please visit pg 29-32. Dove shampoo or conditioner, and more hair care products including top brands are featured on pg 29. Half-price is valid for all of them. Centrum multi-vitamins, Palmolive shampoo, Schwarzkopf and other sales are also present on the same page.

Go to pg 31 for dental care products including mouthwash, Colgate toothpaste and more. On the same page, you can find Nurofen, Strepsils, And Pantene products with everyday prices. Nivea skin care and body wash products are cheaper at Coles. Pay half for Nivea shower créme indulgent body wash and save more. Free mini collectable for $30 spent. Find more products you need and get the gifts at Coles.

½ prices in this category:

Nivea Men products can be found on pg 32. All three products are at half prices. Follow our Facebook page where you can find even more Coles Catalogues and the future deals on this class of products.

Coles Catalogue Deals 18 – 24 Jul 2018 | Half Prices, Free Mini Collectable, Back To School

Coles Catalogue is always a good source of school products and the kind of food that is beloved by kids. Prepare school time lunch meal at lower costs with high-quality products. Half-price deals on Kellogg’s Nutri-grain, Lindt’s excellence block chocolate, TimTam and more on the cover page. Win flybuys with the purchases of over 100 products. John West tuna, red salmon, Nutella are among these products and you can see them on pg 3. Check out Coles Little Shop products on pg 2.

You should see those snacks at half prices on pg 4-5. And more deals other than ½ prices are available. Coca-Cola or Sprite 24x275mL will cost $18.50 at Coles. A new product; Nestle milky bar is available on pg 5. Twinings breakfast tea, different types of coffee and Doritos chips are on pg 6-7. Cadbury sharepack is $3 at Coles. Shop more snacks and soft drinks on that part of the Coles Catalogue 18 – 24 Jul.

Back to School food products and snacks are interesting deals in this range. Australian honey squeeze, honey jar, and more honey products can be found on pg 8. Australia’s Own Organic unsweetened almond milk, like milk, pancake shake and more breakfast or lunch food are on pg 8-9. You will find LeSnak and more packaged food on pg 10. Farmers Union yoghurt, Flora margarine tub, Vaalia yoghurt pouch, Primo sliced meat and more in the back to school sale.

Half prices:

Back To School Sale:

Pantry products like Edgell corn kernels, Japalenos, Dolmio pasta sauce, Real Stock of Campbell’s and more are also including ½ prices. Shop Barilla products of the same kind as well. Visit pg 12-13 for ½ prices of Heinz Big Red, Spam, and more items. Moccona Latte and Cappucino are two nice coffee kinds priced at $4.50. John West deli tuna is a special one that will be only $2.80!

½ prices:

Ice cream and other frozen products are available on pg 16-17. Packaged food is your choice when you need to save time from kitchen tasks. Chicken breast tenders, Hong Kong chive dumplings and McCain products are at half prices. Connoisseur ice cream of 1L will cost only $7 at Coles. Shop fruit packs, Lean Cuisine products, other offers that are available on pg 16-17. Dr Oetker Ristorante pizza is a popular choice for years now. $5 is the price at Coles for that one.

Meat Products:

Specials in Deli meat, Family Hot Roast Chicken, Bertocchi sopressa, fresh salmon skin on portions are available. Visit pg 24-25 for the deals of Coles Deli. Excellent bread with limited stocks are on pg 26. Only $5.50 for soft grain sourdough pave, pumpkin & soybean sourdough vienna, multgrain sourdough boule and more bread from bakery. Pay only half prices for Golden Crumpet breaks of 6 pack and Tip Top English muffins.