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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 12 – 18 Jun 2019 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. This page aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals from the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 5 - 11 Jun 2019

Do you need to restock your foods and pantry items? Visit Coles stores on Wednesday to shop for these items at catalogue prices. Buy many products at half prices. Doritos chips, The Natural Confectionery Co. party mix, Patties, and Cadbury Dairy milk are on the first page featuring the half-price deals. Coles Catalogue has a greater portion of the half-price sale on pg 2-3. Heinz Beanz or Spaghetti will cost $1. Coles has Aussie fresh food. Buy cauliflower in its season. Its price is only $2.90 starting on Wednesday. Apples, kiwifruit, pineapple, potatoes, cucumbers, and more in the fresh produce.

Coles offers no-added-hormone meat. Australian beef blade roast is gonna cost $11.95 this week. Delicious meat offers might be interesting for everyone. My favourite piece is lamb shoulder roast bone in for only $10/kg. The catalogue got the pantry items such as Indian foods or sauces on pg 12-13. Simmer sauce of Passage to India is $2.15. Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk is one of the half-price discounts. Pay only $2.15 for Sirena Tuna 95g cans.

Shop coffee and breakfast foods like cereals of Kellogg's. Nutri-Grain 500g pack will cost $5.15 at Coles supermarket this week. Shop Nestle Milo, All-Bran, Oaty slices, Carman's and more in the breakfast-coffee section on pg 14-15. I think that you might also need some pantry products like olive oil. Cook with healthy olive oil of La Espanola. Bread, cake, cheese rolls, iced donuts, and more are gonna cost less.

Half-price deals:

Pantry, Breakfast and more:

Also, don't forget to see Coles simple meal deals. Plenty of frozen pizza, lunch or dinner meals are available in the "fridge" category. Perfect Italiano pizza recipe can also be helpful for you. Buy Perfect Italiano Pizza for only $3.80 at Coles. Crusty, hot, homemade, fresh, delicious pizza and more products are available on pg 22-23. Discover these frozen food products, make your dinner easier and save time and money with Coles supermarket. Subscribe to Coles Catalogue to get newsletter emails.

Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 29 May - 4 Jun 2019

All your favourite snacks, popular brands, chocolate bars, chips, crackers, and more are available in the Coles Catalogue Snack Sale. Nestlé or Mars medium bars, M&M's, and more are gonna cost half the regular prices. Visit pg 3 for them and go to pg 16-17 to discover Allen's snakes, Kinder chocolate, Thins chips. All of them are on sale and some of them are half-price deals! Red Rock Deli chips, unsalted mixed nuts, thinly cut potato chips, and twisties are my favourite chips. Red Rock Deli Chips with three different flavours are your half-price deals on pg 18. Buy popcorn for only $1.60!
Snacks that you can find in the catalogues of Coles are exactly the types to stock up for TV. If you like TV shows like Chernobyl that is going on pretty successful right now, I recommend you to check these snacks although the mini-series is not very appropriate for eating something while watching. HBO has done exciting and thrilling TV series lately. Game of Thrones ended its last season was only enjoyable if you have something really good to eat. But don't worry! Coles is always here for you to save more on snacks.

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 29 May - 4 Jun 2019

Continental cup a soup, John West Tuna, Lindt 95% Cocoa, and more are half-price deals on the first page. Coles Catalogue sells snacks and candies like M&M's, Kinder Bueno, Peckish, KitKat, and Mars on pg 3. Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate price is only $6! New flavours of Mars Maltesers and M&M's block chocolate are in the half-price sale. Browse fresh fruits and veg in Coles Catalogue. We are in the Orange season and you get a fantastic price for it! Pay only $2.50 for navel oranges. Fruit & vegetable sale is also an interesting part of the grocery sale. Buy washed potatoes for only $4! If you like your meat at Coles, check out the new prices like Australian lamb leg. Pay only $12 and save $1.50 on that item!
Coles bakery is one of the most delicious food aisles. Low GI White bread is an interesting product from a bakery. Buy that or 7seeds & grain loaf for $3 pk. Rolls, slices, wraps, cookies, and more in the bakery are also on sale.
Have a delicious breakfast every morning with the deli foods. Deli meat, cabanossi, salami, bacon, and more products are your options of deli products. Great sandwiches are just one deal away from you.

Coles Half-Price Sale:

Cheese lovers can find quite a sale of some variety on pg 12-13. Coon tasty cheese block will cost only $4! More dairy products like Mersey Valley cheese, natural cheese slices, Black Swan classic dips, and more can be in your shopping list. I frequently mention that my favourite cuisine is Italian. For desserts, dinners, drinks, anything Italians do I love it. Garlic bread is one of them and La Famiglia stonebaked garlic bread cost only $4.20 at Coles stores this week. Buy milk and yoghurt on pg 14-15. Barista Brothers flavoured milk of 700mL bottle is only $2.65! Buy breakfast foods, deli products, seafood, and more this week for the catalogue prices.

Frozen foods:

Summer foods are a part of the grocery sale by Coles. You have half-price deals on Steggles, McCain pizza rustica, Magnum ice cream, and many more products in the Coles Catalogue. Subscribe to the newsletter to get emails about the deals and catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Personal Care 22 - 28 May 2019

Buy dental products at Coles at lower prices. Oral B gum care & enamel restore toothpaste will cost $6. One of the most popular mouthwash brands is Listerine at Coles. The half-price deal is gonna be valid for 500mL of it. L'Oreal's revitalift is an anti-aging cream. It restores your wrinkles giving you a firming skin on your face. It also smells nice and cleansing. Revitalift day cream 50mL is gonna cost only $19.70! Buy vitamins and supplements at Coles Catalogue. Visit the official page of the catalogue to shop.
Blackmores products like fish oils, glucosamine, Bio C are half price this week. Caltrate Bone & Muscle health tablets will cost $8.47 which is a half-price deal! More deals like deodorants are in the range of Coles Catalogue. Lynx body wash, Colgate Optic White, and more in the sale.

½ prices:

Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 22 - 28 May 2019 | Save Half

Arnott's cracker chips are available with two different flavours. Buy honey soy chicken or sweet chili & sour cream at Coles. Great pantry products are gonna be on sale starting on Wednesday. Buy San Remo Pasta which is an Italian penne that matches a Neapolitan sauce perfectly, is one of the best products. Mix it with a bit of olive oil and salt, and some steamed vegetables, and you'll have to world's best pasta dinner! Breakfast is also an important category of the new catalogue. Vegemite is on sale. Pay $5 for 380g Vegemite and save $1.50! Flavors are important but you can make extra tasty pasta with adding some chicken or fish in it. I don't like fish in my pasta but a lot of people do. In case you are seeking for a practical solution; John West sardines and tuna canned fish are your options in the Coles Catalogue. Save with the half-price sale on pg 15.

Get your healthy foods and nutritional supplies if you care about the protein-rich products. Coles has a corner where you can find a range of protein-rich products including breakfast foods. Protein foods have become so popular because nowadays, people are aware of what carbs or fatty foods can do to their bodies. So protein-rich diet and a decent program of weekly exercising are one of the favourite activities of all people around the world. This is particularly a part of the daily life of white collar people.

Tea and coffee:

Bakery-deli products:

Don't forget to see the fresh produce section. Broccoli bunch, lettuce, roasted and salted pistachios are great fresh products on pg 22-23. Australian Imperial mandarins will cost only $2.50! Deli-fridge foods like hot roast chicken will be on pg 25. Fridge foods of Coles are great side foods for your dinner! Buy hommus and tzatziki for only $2 each. Kombucha drink is on sale this week. Pay only half for organic Kombucha of the 330mL bottle! Half liter Dare flavoured milk costs only $2.50!