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Coles Catalogue Cleaning Products 11 – 17 Jul 2018

A part of weekly shopping is cleaning products. Coles has a half-price deal on that category. And a special price for different products from different categories, too. Pet products, life essentials are on the last part of this Coles Catalogue. 15 – 21 Jul deals are cool things to see. Take a good care about your little friends. Feed them with the best food. Check out Whiskas, Nature’s Gift pet food on pg 36. Half-price deals are also valid for Bonds underwear products. Go to pg 37 for two products; including wondersuit that are half priced. iTunes gift cards will be 15% off at Coles until Wednesday. Bic 4 Colour pens 3 pack will be $3.67 which is the ½ price.

½ prices:

Also, go to pg 35 to see prices for Bref products, Mirabella globe, Organic Choice reed diffuser, Palmolive ultra dishwashing, Schmackos dog treats and more. I think Coles always find an optimum price for an important product to its customers. Simplicity and attraction on these deals make everything easier.

Coles Catalogue Personal Care 11 – 17 July 2018

A new half-price deals, hair care products, L’oreal verbal cosmetics are available in Coles Catalogue Personal Care 11 – 17 July 2018. That category can offer a wide range of products. Feminine care, Pantene shampoos, U by Kotex and more are at lower prices on pg 31. Moreover, the pharmacy and dental care are important categories in the non-food sale by Coles. Oral-B, Berocca, Colgate, Rexona, Nature’s Way are some brands. You can buy a Codral relief for only $11 and save $3.30. Purchase baby products with down down deals and save more. Toddler milk, nappies, vapodrops are on pg 33.

In this catalogue, you should see the chemical cleaning supplies. Vanish gold, Cuddly fabric softener, Cold Power and Dynamo are priced at half. Biozet plus softener powder is another half-price deal after tomorrow. Also, Quilton and Glen 20 are other half prices in the same category. Kleenex, Schmackos, Palmolive, Organic Choice reed diffuser are also brands and products on pg 35. Pet food, Bonds underwear, iTunes gift cards are probably going to be popular next week. Whiskas cat food will cost only $7 at Coles.

½ prices:

Dental Care and Pharmacy Deals:

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Coles Catalogue Deals 11 – 17 Jul 2018

Thins potato chips of 175g pack will cost half at Coles. Find three more products that are half-price deals on the first page of Coles Catalogue 11 – 17 July. Lamb forequarter chops is a popular meat product that will cost $12/kg! Have your snacks ready for the games. Cadbury favourites, Mars, Nestle KitKat, Red Rock Deli chips are also half-price products. Find more ½ prices on the snacks sale on pg 3-4. Much more like these products are going to be available in Coles supermarket next week. The deals are starting to be valid on Wednesday. Coca-Cola packs, TimTam, Mount Franklin and more beverage products are available for lower prices this week.

Snickers and Mars packs will cost only $6 for 2. Lindt Mini pralines, Kirks soft drink, Arnott’s Mint slice chocolate biscuits, The Natural Chip Co. potato chips are among the products on pg 6-7. You can save on products like Arnott’s tiny teddy in the snack sale by Coles. Almond Breeze, LCM’s, Coco Pops, Nestle Milo and Nutri-Grain products are all on sale.

Furthermore, the categories of Coles are designed so that you can have all the needs for the whole week. Pantry food is also at half prices. Besides some breakfast food are also in this category. The juice lab pressed juice, Dairylea cheese slices, Activia Yoghurt, Vegemite, Bega Peanut butter and more delicious favourites.

½ prices in snacks :

Pantry Food like Campbell’s real stock, beef straganoff, Kellogg’s special K, Nescafe Cappucino and other ones are available on pg 12-13. Restock your needs with the new prices of Coles Catalogue. Uncle Ben’s microwave rice is only $2. John West Tuna of 425g can is $4.50. Sirena Tuna will cost $2.15 for 95g can. Find more like these in the pantry sale. Some people like packaged healthy food. Oats are a reliable source of nutrition for vegetarians, too. If you like to consume products like those, I recommend you to visit pg 15 for a good price. Be Natural cereal of 405-415g will be $2.65! Up&Go liquid breakfast, Vitasoy soy milk, Queen vanilla essence and more products are featured products.

Ice cream, package food, simple meals, and awesome tasty things are available on pg 20-21. Birds Eye Oven bake and more products are on sale. Pay only half for that product and more. Steggles chicken breast tenders is another deal that offers half price. A recipe for Tagliatelle with beef ragu is readable on pg 24. Beef chuck casserole steak is available at Coles. Australian grown product will cost only $11.95/kg. Down down deal on Chicken breast schnitzel that is only $9/pk. The deli food is another story in this catalogue. You might like the smoked ham, mortadella, silverside and more meat products on pg 26-27.

Coles Catalogue Non-Food 4 – 10 Jul 2018 | Kitchen, Cleaning, Bathroom, Personal Care

This is the non-food part of Coles Catalogue which contains products from kitchenware, pharmacy, personal care, baby care, dental care, pet food categories. You can also find DVD movies and various products for the household. Use the advantage of finding these products in a Coles Catalogue which usually offers the low prices comparing to standard market prices for such products. Coles always tries to bring the premium quality whatever the category of the product is.

Kitchen Ware and Food Storage

Find fry pans, plastic and healthy food storage, cookware, and new products on pg 27. Shop small gadgets like scissors that would be needed in kitchen works. For example, Coles cook & dine avocado storer is a vice choice of item to have around. Also, everyday prices apply to these products.

Pharmacy and Personal Care

Health care products are always a part of weekly Coles Catalogues. Again, you can find awesome hair care products. Top brands are available. Shampoo and conditioners, strenght tablets, honey&lemon, shower gels, nurofen, L’Oreal Paris skin care products are some good offers on pg 28-29.

New products at Coles in personal care:

Relievers and other pharmacy deals:

More products are available in hair care. Find the half-price deals on shampoos and more products on pg 31. Also, razors of Gillette like Mach3 and baby care products are available on pg 30. Half price discounts apply to Gillette products. Gillette Mach3 turbo razor kit 1 pack will be $6.75 and comfort shave gel of 195g is $3.14 at Coles. Huggies Baby wipes of 240 pk will cost only $12.

½ prices hair care products:

If you are a fan of half prices, there is a huge sale on pg 32. Blackmores products there are all available for the half prices. Among these, hair & skin tablets, strength, magnesium, vitamins, fish oil, performance multi-tablets and bio magnesium tablets. Oral care products, and of course, the half-price deals on Oral-B products are available on pg 33. Shop the healthiest way of dental care and find Coles personal care products at lower prices in the catalogue.

Cleaning Chemicals and Pet Products

Take care of your home and pets with premium quality items. Modern life and comfortable daily life are possible with the fairly-priced products. Effective cleaning is a part of our daily life. Check out the products from top brands on pg 34 where you can find Coles half price deals.

Pet Products

Coles Catalogue Deals 4 – 10 Jul 2018 | Half Prices, Specials And More

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale and Everything in Food Category

Coles Catalogue offers a range of new half prices. In this sale, many products from different categories like snacks, grocery, beverage, seafood, meat, and more. Non-food deals are on the final part of this Coles Catalogue. Nescafe Cappucino and vanilla are two popular flavours at half prices at Coles. Buy Doritos and Smith’s chips at a cheaper price. M&M’s mars medium and skittles are half priced. Check out more like Coca-Cola, Alt Low sugar drink, Schweppes, Pepsi Max, Powerade and Red Bull on pg 2-5.

Cottee’s Cordial of 1L is $7 for 2! teeVee snacks will cost half. Down Down deal on Tasmanian Tamar Valley yoghurt. Arnott’s Shapes originals will be $2 (save$1). Buy new pantry products and store food with lower prices. Cut the expenses down. Buy John West tuna tempters and chunk style for half prices. La Espanola olive oil, Continental soup, SPC baked beans, John West sardines, Sirena tuna, analisa canned tomatoes are featured products on pg 9.

I believe that the half price on pg 9 which is about the pantry products like pasta, granola, oat, veg oil, steamed rice, noodle bowls, chunky soups, and more will be useful for you. Your food needs will be met at Coles. Campbell’s real stock will cost only $2 ( save $1). Massel stock cubes and stock powder are only 2 for $5. Moreover, you may find Mexican food like Old El Paso soft taco kit, mild taco sauce and even more products.

Breakfast and Pantry

Prepare your breakfast with the nutritious and refreshing products like the best coffee and cereals in Australia. This week, Kellogg’s nutri-grain will be $5 for 500g pack. Also, Pureharvest almond quench, LCM’s value pack of 350g, Nestle cooking chocolate or more products are featured. Moccona, Nescafe coffee packs, Twinings English breakfast tea, Nestle Milo and more are available.

½ prices in pantry:

Dairy, Deli, and Frozen

Every Day prices and down down are two important categories in all coles catalogues. Ice cream, frozen food, winter sweets can make a good shopping list. Magnum classic ice cream, Sara Lee, Wagon Wheels, Bulla splits, and Nutella are all on pg 14-15.

Half prices are also valid on packaged food products. Visit pg 16-17 for the deals on products including Birds Eye, McCain pizza, Lean Cuisine, garlic chicken breast Kiev and more.

½ prices:

Fresh products sale offers at Coles are strawberries, kiwifruit, apples, broccoli, kale bunch and more. Deli and bakery products will be on sale. Most Australian grown products can be found in this category. Everyday sale covers dairy products on pg 22. Find coconut oil spread, nudie coconut yoghurt, Yoplait and more. Dairy products can be called the last part of the food sale from Coles Catalogue. The rest of the catalogue contains non-food sales like kitchenware, cleaning supplies, the products for your household and more.