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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 13 – 19 Feb 2019 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. This page aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals from the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Deals 23-29 Jan

Voila! Coles Catalogue 23-29 Jan is published with amazing offers which are valid until 29 January. It is designed to make the perfect meal for your beloved ones on Australia Day. Also, your health and beauty are not forgotten. There are high-class products for your hair, teeth, skin and more.

Dinner and Snacks

Begin with checking the first 3 pages for special savings for a good dinner table. Also on page 4, you can find a mind-blowing recipe to make Lamb Leg for the main dish. On the other hand, you have lots of other options such as pork and beef on the next pages. But if you prefer white meat, you must try Coles hot roast chicken immediately. Don’t forget to take into consideration half-price deals of snacks and drinks. For example, chocolate, biscuits, cracker, granola and muesli bars are offered at spectacular prices. It’s a great pleasure to drink a hot coffee after a satisfying meal. On page 12 options are waiting for you.

Back to School and Body Care

You aren’t late for the back to school shopping. Coles Catalogue gives you the best chances to save money. A wide range of snacks, stationary are available for your kid to eat healthily and study with high-quality products. Another special category is containing beauty items such as shampoo, shower gel, razor, toothbrushes with half-price deals.


Coles Catalogue Deals 16-22 Jan 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the latest Coles Catalogue Deals 16-22 Jan 2019. It’s  time to make your grocery shopping by using this catalogue. Because superb savings are waiting for you from Wed. 16 until Tuesday 22. All categories, especially food and beverage, contain an extensive range of products at very low prices.

Food and Beverage

One of the best parts of this catalogue is half priced items. You can make your majority food, beverage and pantry restock. In addition, certain categories such as Aussie BBQ, pantry, Deli and Seafood and freezer have suitable savings. Also to celebrate the Australia day, check the alcohol section. Coles Catalogue Deals 16-22 Jan 2019, gives you The Aussie Summer deals on page 2 to 11. Some of the selected items with exclusive quality are below.

School and Home essentials and Health and Beauty

Other beneficial categories are school and home essentials, health and beauty. Also, you can check the pet care category for your furry friend. On page 28 it starts with stationary such as assorted markers, hardback notebooks and it goes on page 29 with respectable brand Sistema. Centrum advanced has one of the best prices in the Coles Catalogue Deals 16-22 Jan 2019. Maybelline cosmetics on page 30 gives you the privileged prices. When it comes to dishwashing machines the king brand is Finish. Check all the home essentials to take the advantage from the lowest prices. Here are some of the gorgeus picks.


Coles Catalogue 9-15 January Snacks and Drinks

Coles Catalogue has the best deals of Snacks and Drinks category this week. Discounts are effective for one week so you might want to restock. Half price deals on snacks category worth seeing. First of all Doritos Corn Chips and Peter’s Drumsticks have excellent prices. Irreplaceble drinks for the burger party are Pepsi, Solo and Schweppes can be seen on page 2. Also, you can check Coca Cola Soft drink 1.25 LT on the same page.

Incredible Specials will make you save much more money then you think. Two kinds of Lipton Ice Tea drinks like 1,5 lt and 150 ml, Allen’s Medium Bags, Thin’s Potato Chips are at good prices. Also, Check page 7 for Arnott’s Cheds and Sakata Rice Crackers. If you are a chocolate monster Toblerone is the best choice this week.

The pantry is another perfect category with half-price deals. Old El Paso Seasoning and Mexican Kit are the special items of this page of the catalogue. In order to make the healthy salad you must see Cobram Estate Olive Oil on page 11. When you think about Omega-3, tuna fish comes next. Therefore the Wild Tides Fish Tuna available with 9 delicious flavors.

Finally, Pascall or Sour Patch Bag, Nestle or Mars Medium Bar and Smith’s Multıpack Chips are on page 8 for excellent prices.

Some picks from snacks, drinks and pantry category:

Some picks from breakfast, meat, fruit and vegetable category:

Coles Catalogue 9-15 January Back to School

Coles Catalogue 9-15 January Back to School is a good way of saving money. You can be sure about getting good deals with low prices. Let’s check the stationary category. Cool ladies and gentlemen must look at the licensed backpacks. Frozen and Batman themes are available but hurry before stock out. Colorful pages make your day powerful. On page 32 look at the Sharpie Flou XL highlighters, 4 pack and the Smash Glitter Pens 2 pack are high quality and affordable. Coles HB pencils and Coles Ballpoint Pens have excellent pricing every day. If you have good shoes you must have comfortable socks. Check page 32 for high-quality mix kids low cut socks pack 5.

More discounts are available with the containers and lunch boxes. Sistema Clip It Container 2 LT and Sistema Go To Mini Bite Containers 3 packs are half priced. Also, check Smash Lunchboxes and cold boxes with color alternatives. Little girls want to drink their shakes from fancy bottles. Smash Cascade Glitter Bottle is suitable for ladies.

Here comes the best deal. On page 30 you can see Optus Prepaid Sim 45 GB. Phone deals worth seeing in this Coles Catalogue. Telstra Lite Smart and Slim Plus phones are half price. Other brands offer good savings on Alcatel Zume 5 and Vodaphone Smart E9 4GB.

When it comes to Australia celebration day, perfect deals are available. Temporary tattoos, large flags and can coolers can be found. Pay less everyday by checking Cole’s Cook&Dine brand. Clear Tumbler 450 ml 24 pack, Colored Serviettes 50 pack and Plastic Compartment plates 4 pack are for affordable prizes.

There are few picks below:

Coles Catalogue 9-15 January Health and Beauty

You can see the new half-price deals in Coles Catalogue 9-15 January Health and Beauty. Check personal care products of Nature’s Way Magnesium, Probiotic, Beauty Collagen. One of the best cosmetic products of Revlon is the mega multiplier blackest black mascara on page 28. It is not late for slowing down your aging process by using L’oreal Age Perfect Cream with anti sagging and anti-age spots.

Here is the Nivea Men series for the well-groomed men Sensitive shaving gel and moisturizer. On page 29 also check disposable razors for men and women for saving half of your money. Industry leading brands like Head & Shoulders and Herbel Essences give you the best deals of shampoo and conditioner sets with half price.

Another important category is home essentials in this catalogue. There are bug sprays for all kinds of insects you have in your bedroom bathroom. Check Raid’s One shoot target kill or odorless surface spray. If you prefer low allergenic item check Mortein Naturgard fast knockdown spray. Another choice is Mortein Naturegard indoor automatic insect control prime.

The smell of the house affects all your family mood. On page 35  half priced Air Wick pure sprays and refills with no water in its formula so you can smell only the fragrance. Clean your toilet with Harpic Fresh Power Toilet cleaner then for the best toilet smell there are two types of The Air Wick odors, lemon, and fruity. Next item about laundry,  you have three options capsule powder and liquid washing agents. Half price deals on 09-15 January with the best brands Dynamo, Omo.

Here are some good picks for you.