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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 Apr, 2020 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. This page aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals from the retailer.

Disclaimer: We are not Coles or associate/affiliate of Coles and the information here is only reviews based on the information on official Coles sources including catalogues.

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Coles Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar 2020 | Coronavirus Update

Coles Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar 2020 | Coronavirus UpdateThis is the final week of stikeez which will end on March 24th. Coles Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar has new deals and fresh products. Read the latest news and product limits per customer due to the recent Coronavirus impact. Coles has an update page. Coles team says that they try to restock as much as they can, however, it's impossible to ensure everyone get their needs without putting a limit for certain products. The list of limited products such as toilet paper, pasta, flour, paper towels, etc. have been listed on this Coles update page. Also, you can learn about changing trading hours and community hours on that page. Like Woolworths, they have hours for the elderly and disable people. They will dedicate those hours to them. This will start on 18th March 2020. If you are elderly or unable to buy your stuff on your own, you may get assistance from the supermarket or go to Foodbank's website. There are also changes to Coles online. Coles will not be able to accept click & collect orders temporarily. That's because of the lack of availability in some stores. Please know that neither Coles nor other stores are unable to provide food or other essentials. All of them repeatedly say that there is enough for everyone. But they want to prevent over-purchasing. Otherwise, the elderly or disabled people may not access because somebody just wants to stock up everything. It's just common sense. I quote from the official Coles update page "There is enough for everyone if people shop as they would normally shop." So, don't panic-buy stuff. Here are the limits which pop up when you go to Coles Catalogue:

Coles grocery sale is the first section of the new catalogue. Browse Coles Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar that has new half-price deals on many products. There are also discounts on meat products. Smith's chips, Colgate sensitive pro-relief multi-protection toothpaste with a bonus stikeez are promoted items on the first page. I recommend you to eat fruits and vegetables in these days. Get your vitamins from natural sources and instead of drinking juice, eat slices of an apple or pears. That's healthier. You can shop seafood for Lent or some meat or meat-free products on pg 4-5. Hot Cross buns will cost 2/$6. Save on sweet bakery products for Easter.Coles Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar 2020 | Coronavirus Update

Coles Fridge Food and Pantry Products

Delicious probiotic source, Greek yoghurt, and fruit-flavoured Chobani yoghurts are on sale at Coles this week. Coles Catalogue offers low-fat yoghurts, spreadable tubs, butter, and more products are fridge food deals on the catalogue. You can also find Dare flavoured milk that will cost only $3.20 on pg 14. The catalogue also promotes considerable amounts of savings in the snack sale. Easter treats like egg crate and Cadbury dairy milk are in this category. The pantry section is the place of people who want to stock up. Easy meals, packaged products, olive oil, and cooking ingredients are available there.

Olive oil and more products:

Coles Rarest Stikeez has been chosen. There are only 100 of this stikeez. If you get Golden Avocado stikeez, you can get a $100 gift card or Smeg Fab28 Fridge. It's a beautiful, red fridge that might look cool in any place.

Coles Breakfast Food and Cereals

Buy nutritional breakfast products, cereals, Kellogg's nutri-grain, Nutella, and more breakfast foods. All prices of these items from the catalogue can be found in the breakfast category. You can also find half prices. Cadbury cooking chocolate is gonna cost only $3. Make sweets for Easter with these beautiful ingredients.Coles Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar 2020 | Coronavirus Update

Coles Frozen Food and Ice Cream

There are some new products in the frozen range. Considering the increasing demand on the products of pantry and grocery aisles, frozen foods can be great alternatives. If you have a freezer, stock up some delicious easy meals and ice cream. Coles Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar has great deals on many products in this category. Buy McCain Family pizza 500g or slices 600g will cost $5.50.

½ prices :

Coles Personal Care Products 11 - 17 Mar 2020 | Catalogue Prices

Coles Personal Care Products 11 - 17 Mar 2020Oral-B, Ogx, Colgate, Head & Shoulders products are some of the latest personal care products with perfect deals. Most of them are half-price savings. Oral-B dental care products such as clean mint mouthwash, toothbrush, whitening toothpaste are some of the promoted items this week. You have half-price deals on these products. Buy Oral B gum detoxify advanced whitening toothpaste 110g for only $6. There are also some feminine care and beauty products on that page. It's possible to renew your inventory of simple products like deodorants and shaving foam on that aisle for lower costs. Visit pg 29 for bathroom consumables like shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, etc. Coles Personal Care Products are some classic products from popular brands.

Coles Catalogue is usually a good source of deals for baby care products, too. See the new prices of baby wipes, toddler formula, nappy pants, pyjama pants, and similar sort of items. Multivitamins supplies from the health care section may also be interesting because half-price Nature's Way vitamins are available there. Items from Coles Personal Care Products 11 - 17 Mar sale:

Coles Snack Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020 | Catalogue Sale

Coles Snack Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020 | Catalogue SaleBrowse the new half-price range of popular snacks including biscuits, chips, crackers, and similar sorts of products. You'll be able to shop all of them on Wednesday for the prices shown on this Coles Catalogue. If you are interested in deals like Coles Snack Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020 from the latest Coles Catalogue, you might want to subscribe to get emails of similar content. Stock up some sweet or salty snacks on pg 14-15. Save $1 on Nestlé Kitkat snak it which is a new product at this store. You can probably like the beverage part of the new catalogue. Golden Circle, Raw C, V Energy Drink are some good examples from the beverage part of the Coles Snack Sale 11 - 17 Mar. Find everyday low price sale there, too. Chips of several brands are multiple-buy deals. Jatz, Arnott's, natural conf. co. products at lower prices are in the range of catalogue. Shop beverage products like Coca-Cola and Kombucha on pg 18.

Follow our social accounts to get similar deals on your feed. Remember, you can get free stikeez when you spend $30 at Coles. Some products give you bonus stikeez. For example, a bonus stikeez will be yours when you purchase $30 from the Sunbites range.


More :

Coles Catalogue Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020

Coles Catalogue Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020Buy some party foods from the mix 'n match sale featuring chicken and delicious meat. Mostly kebab type of products is available there for the cost of 2 for $12. You have chicken kebabs honey soy, wings, and similar products on the first page. Fresh products and meat are the first part of the Coles Catalogue Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020. Also, some snacks and drinks are promoted items. Free stikeez deal goes on for your $30 purchase at Coles supermarket. If you want to get these deals on time, you can subscribe to the free newsletter and start getting emails.

Visit pg 2-3 for a nice range of Aussie fresh produce range. Australia farms are one of the best in the entire world. The perfectly self-sufficient country providing some high-quality fresh fruits and meat products for its citizens. These major supermarket catalogues are the reflection of that experience. This week, apples, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, grapes, orange, chicken family roast, beef sausage, and more products among the promoted items. Don't forget to see these savings. Also, see the items of the new sale:

Meat and chicken from the deli:

Seafood for Lent if you are fasting, or just have some people who do that around you. Coles Catalogue has some good deals on seafood products like salmon, prawns, barramundi, and more. Browse also packaged or canned ones. A new recipe of crunchy topped sardines is available on pg 9.Coles Catalogue Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020

Coles Fridge Food and Dairy Products

Buy your probiotics from Coles supermarkets this week. It's because of the new deals on products like Philadelphia original cream cheese, Greek yoghurt of different brands, Bega cheese block, and more products on the latest Coles Catalogue. Many of them will cost half. They have flavoured milk of Dare, too. The new price of the product will be $2.60. You can also find some healthy beverages there. Lo Bro's high-probiotic and low carbs drink cola and kombucha are organic products.
If you have problems with gluten, you can check out pg 20 where some breakfast or pantry products are available and they are gluten-free products. The better thing to know is the low price range of Coles.

Coles Pantry Sale

This is one of the most popular categories of all supermarkets. You have a lot more chances to win a free stikeez for your purchases in this part of the catalogue. Nevertheless, you can browse already popular products of the pantry section. However, there are some good new things. Italian cuisine herbs and mixed ones are BOGO deals. If you had plans to cook some type of meals that are the products of Mediterranean cuisines, you might want to have some of these.

You can also shop Coles Catalogue Sale 11 - 17 Mar half prices on pantry products:

Shop more with the Coles Catalogue sales. Coffee, English breakfast tea, Almond breeze, and condensed milk are available in the category. If you like to store some frozen foods, Coles is one of the places to find them. Pizza, goujons, ice cream, and similar sort of things to keep in your freezer are available on the last part of the grocery section of Coles Catalogue.Coles Catalogue Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020

Coles Catalogue Home Essentials Sale 4 - 10 Mar 2020

Buy your chemicals at half prices at Coles supermarket this week. Before you visit a store even if it's Coles, check out this catalogue to make your shopping list with the half-price deals on Sorbent, Bref, Morning Fresh, Biozet Attack, Finish, and more products. The details of these items are available on pg 35. Cold Power laundry powder will cost $8.25 with this half-price sale. Coles Catalogue home essentials sale also has everyday low prices of products like trash bags and domestic cleaning wipes.

Stikeez fresh friends teach about the energy coming from fresh food. Go to the stikeez page of Coles to learn about that. Kids may tend to eat unhealthy foods because they taste good but they should eat more vegetables and protein-based products. These little friends may help them with that.

Check out prices of Coles Catalogue home essentials sale for 4 - 10 Mar 2020:

More deals are available in the category. Pet food, Vanish half-price sale, Bonus stikeez for some purchases, and more are in the catalogue. Don't forget to view these items.