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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 24 – 30 Oct 2018 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. Category of Coles aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals of the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Grocery 26 Sep – 2 Oct 2018

The first part of the new Coles Catalogue has the majority of snacks which are Footy Finals deals. It has more than snacks, for instance, pantry products. You can easily spot the cheese variety, olive oil bottles, Fountain sauce that will cost half the regular price. Find Praise deli style dressing of 250mL, almonds of Coles Australian natural and more products. Find more Footy Finals products consisting of deli meat and awesome packaged food. The deli products that are as good as snacks are available on pg 10-11. Meat pie sausage, Primo Cabanossi, bakery loaf and more. Spring Lamb butterflied leg and more are on sale, too.

Half-price deals on breakfast food are featured elements of the shopping on pg 13. Campbell’s country ladle, Dolmio extra pasta sauce, Real Stock, diced tomatoes and more can be seen in this part of the catalogue. If you need to stock up cereals, dairy products, coffee and more like-class products, check out pg 16-17.

See these half-price deals from pantry and breakfast food:

More half-price deals on random categories that are on pg 13:

  • Maharajah’s Choice Basmati Rice 5kg $8.75 pg 13
  • Ovaltine 415g $2.50
  • Heritage Mill Clusters or Muesli 1kg $3.50
  • Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain 290g $2.30
  • Nice & Natural Bars 180g-192g $2
  • Heinz Beanz or Spaghetti 300g $1
  • Naturopathica Fat Blaster Less Sugar Chocolate Shake 430g $10

Uncle Tobys plus cereal will cost only $3. On the other hand, Espressotoria Vittoria Espresso coffee capsules will cost half the regular price. Pay only $4.20 for the 12 pack of this espresso coffee at Coles supermarket. Moccona coffee and Jarrah classic hot choc are on sale, too.

More half-price deals and good choices:

  • Uncle Ben’s Microwave Flavoured Rice 250g $1.62 pg 18
  • KB’s Prawn Gyoza 750g $8 pg 19
  • Creative Gourmet Frozen Banana 500g $2.50

Coles Catalogue Footy Finals 26 Sep – 2 Oct 2018

This week again, Coles has a wide range of snacks for the games. Enjoy the tasty snacks from your favourite brands. Coles has a half-price sale that covers Coca-Cola soft drink, Peters Drumstick pack, Jack Link’s original beef jerky and more. Discover more ½ prices on pg 2-3 where you can find Maltesers, Cadbury Twirl and much more. The catalogue is an extensive one and it does not only have a good food sale but also has non-food categories including personal care, household products and others. Apart from the half-price sale, you have weekly discounts on products like V Energy Drink, M&M’s black chocolate, Schweppes mineral water and more candies on pg 2-3. Go to pg 4-5 where two great beverages of Schweppes and Powerade are on sale by half the regular price. Refresh the stocks of snacks at home. A new flavour of Pepsi Max without sugar. It’s raspberry flavour for only $7.50!

½ price deals from the snack sale of Coles Catalogue:

Save on products like Berri fruit juice of 2L, V Energy drink can, Arnott’s Marie biscuits, Pepsi or Solo soft drink 1.25L, Kettle potato chips, and a wide range of other products in the same category. Also, the catalogue has practical food products. See sauce variety on pg 8-9. You have deli products like sausages and more drinks on pg 10-11. Follow our Facebook page where we share the deals like these and posts about the future Coles Catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 19 – 25 Sep 2018

Meat dept. of Coles has good deals which are viewable on pg 10. Chicken breast burgers, whole chicken, chicken breast fillets honey garlic, beef scotch fillet steak and more are featured items of the meat category. McCain superfries, rice crackers of Peckish and other stuff. They are good snacks for the games, too. Deli and fresh produce of Australian grown, packaged salads are what people love about Coles supermarkets. Coles Catalogue shows the prices of Avocados, grapes, onion bunch, wombok, tiger prawns thawed and more. Awesome prices are valid for most products.

Half-price deals on some products from the pantry:

Everyday prices make a major sale in the catalogue. Dolmio pasta bake, Green’s Traditional cake mix, Coles Canola or vegetable oil and more products that are on pg 14-15 have the prices of everyday valid values. For example, Coles bakery rolls will cost only $2/pk. Weekly discounts on more pantry products including Moro olive oil can be seen on pg 18-19. Heinz classic or Big’N chunky soupise only $1.75. Maggi 2 min. noodles costs $3 at Coles. Campbell’s real stock of 1L is $3. Breakfast is another subcategory under the grocery range. The sale covers Lavazza Prontissimo will be ½ price and $5. Nutri-Grain of 500g pack is also $5. I liked that breakfast sale.

Recipe of Natural Yogurt that is a match for creamy pumpkin soup and its ingredients that are on sale at Coles. Visit pg 26 for a nice recipe. ½ prices from frozen category:

More grocery products are on sale. Lean Cuisine products, frozen vegetables and sweets, and a great ice cream sale on pg 28. Don’t miss out any of these and follow our Facebook page where these updates are shared.

Coles Catalogue Snack Deals 19 – 25 Sep 2018 | Footy Finals

We can divide Coles Catalogue product range in three. First is the half of the food part. Snack deals are available in the first part. Secondly, you have the pantry, breakfast, dairy, grocery and other weekly shopping food products. Meat and seafood are also available in most of the Coles Catalogues like this one. Half-price is a major sale. Footy Finals snack has many alternatives that could suffice as side food when you watch your favourite game. Footy Finals favourite snacks like Pepsi Max, Red Rock Deli chips, Tim Tam, Masterfoods squeezy tomato or BBQ sauce are half-price deals. View these on the very first page of the catalogue.

Spring Lamb; a Coles Australian product will cost only $10.80/kg at Coles supermarket. 8 different snacks are half-price deals. That covers some of the most popular candies and chocolates. 8 more products are on sale with big discounts. Visit pg 2-3 for these deals:

Many options are available in the soda packs, soft drinks and juice range that is available on pg 4-5. Coke, drinking water, sports drinks, and fruit juices among the deals of Coles. Footy Finals deals are not limited to that. Allen’s, Arnott’s, Oreo, V Energy drink and Nestle KitKat are discounted products, too. Pay only $2 for Arnott’s Scotch finger, Monte Carlo and Hundreds & Thousands that are available on pg 7. Find more snacks like French Fries, Cobs Natural popcorn, Nestle KitKat pack on pg 7. Starting on pg 9-10, there are products of pantry, breakfast, more footy finals snacks, fresh produce etc.

Beverage deals in this catalogue Footy Finals part:

Coles Catalogue Personal Care 12 – 18 Sep 2018

Browse the shampoo, conditioner, Sensodyne toothpaste, deodorant, baby care items and healthy products in the Coles Catalogue Personal Care 12 – 18 Sep. The preview covers Half prices, BOGO free sale, and more discounts. The weekly discounts are profitable and they make things easier for the regular shopping. Herbal Essences is a familiar brand and its two products are at half prices this week. Hair care, bathroom products and more are also featured on pg 28. A new formulation of Sensodyne is introduced on Coles Catalogue. Skip to pg 29 for more hair products and interesting deals. I think you can find a decent product to refill the finished items of your inventory. Moreover, this part of the catalogue can offer good prices for some medicines. Swisse, Berocca, Nurofen, and cold-flu relievers are available in this shelf.

Here are some good deals from personal care sale of Coles:

Huggies, Garnier, and more in health and baby care on pg 30-31:

Olay Products: