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Coles Catalogue Christmas Decoration 7 – 13 Nov 2018

Coles is a place for finding gifts for Christmas and great deals to redecorate your home for the celebration. The latest Coles Catalogue has a place for these products. Find them on pg 14-15. You have Tefal frypan which is one of the most popular among all people who like to cook or fry something for dinner or lunch. The price for the particular item from the kitchenware category of the Coles supermarket is only $24! Save $6 on that nice quality. Gift cards and bonus points are also yours to check out on this catalogue. Collect 1000 bonus points with the gift card purchases. Visit pg 14 for Christmas lights, tree decoration and more. It’s a convenient way to discover some deal or a particular item you like for Christmas.

Gifts from different categories and Tefal frypan:

Coles Catalogue Grocery 7 – 13 Nov 2018 | Christmas Treats

Coles Catalogue has wonders of the products of the week in this catalogue. You can see a lot of nice discounts on the savings and special products. Coles Catalogue has also Christmas treats and recipes. Make Christmas sweets with the recipes that you can read on the catalogue. New products of Coles from the category of Christmas are the meals and different sauces for your whole chicken. Bakery, deli, fruits, seafood and more to make your dining table amazing this month. Coles also has Christmas decoration, gifts and gift cards on this catalogue. Browse the products such as Rober Timms coffee bags that will cost half price. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain, All-Bran, Uncle Toby’s muesli bars and more are included in this sale. Keep it simple with simple meals like Continental standard pasta and sauce. Masterfoods beef stroganoff is a down down deal. Don’t miss out deli, seafood and meat deals on pg 20-21. Coles finest sausages 500g pack is only $7/pk. beef porterhouse steak is a classic product priced at $29 per kg at Coles. Tasty food is always possible to get at nice prices at Coles supermarket.

Must-see half-price deals from different categories of Coles Catalogue 7 – 13 Nov;

Pantry products at half prices:

Coles Catalogue Snacks 7 – 13 Nov 2018

Another Coles Catalogue that is designed to be a source for the deals of Christmas products is here with amazing things. Start discovering goodies on the very first page. Nature’s Way, Ferrero Rocher, Golden Circle, Peters Drumsticks, are half-price deals by Coles. Stock up for Christmas saving more than regular. With the special items, I am sure you will find something suitable for your taste. Coca-Cola, belVita, Infuzions, Cheezels, Cadbury Twirl, Kinder Bueno are among the snack products you should see. It seems to be a good decent catalogue for finding a profitable deal on beverage, too. For example, Coca-Cola 24x375mL pack. It is $19.50 which is a $11.60 cheaper price. Save over $15 on the beverage products on pg 2. Remedy organic kombucha is only $7 which will save your $2! More is available on pg 4-5. It’s easy to spot Doritos special deal. Pay half for the Doritos crackers on pg 4. Another popular chips brand is Kettle. Potato chips of Kettle in 175g pack is only $3! Find Pepsi Max, Schweppes, Solo or more on pg 5.

Coles snacks half-price deals

Coles Christmas Treats

Chocolate boxes are the main products that are on sale in the Christmas shelf by Coles. These digital and online discounts are perfect choices for those who like to save and get the quality stuff at cheaper prices. Chocolate is a classic and tasty treat for many occasions like a new year celebration.

Simple and quick meals and fudgy chocolate chip Chrissy cupcakes are on pg 11.

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 31 Oct – 6 Nov 2018

You have half-price deals in breakfast sale of Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 6-7 for a good deal on LCM’s and Coco Pops. Buy them for half price. Nutella 750g is only $5 this week. Coles Catalogue adjusted the prices for many products. Two more half-price deals are available on that page. Twinings English breakfast tea is $4 cheaper. Nescafe Gold original 200g will be sold at $12.50 that is $5.50 discount. Go to pg 8-9 for pantry products such as La Espanola olive oil, Maharajah’s basmati rice that is half-price deals.

Buy canned fish for lower prices at Coles. John West tuna, sardines, Annalisa beans or tomatoes, Sirena Tuna are in the pantry sale. Restock your needs in terms of canned food, simple packaged meals, sauces, and necessary ingredients to make fantastic dinner meals. You can see a lot of half-price deals in the new sale by Coles. Down Down prices on Christmas treats and chocolate boxes are available on pg 12-13. Cadbury Christmas Stocking, Danish butter cookies are lovely Christmas treats.

Spring food is a popular category of these grocery catalogues. They also have a nice sale of cheese variety on pg 18. Discover new prices of dairy products in the catalogue. Save $2 on South Cape cheese wedge or Mersey Valley cheese. Get it for only $4! Wraps, Croissants with Nutella, Golden Waffles, Wonder White bread, Coles bakery cheese and more are available in the bakery sale. Check out Coles bakery stone baked by Laurent White will cost $4! Coles has a lot of half-price deals in the frozen food category:

Lean Cuisine, Patties, Beef Lasagne, breast nuggets, and more products are available on pg 27. Ice cream sale is a nice one. Pay only $4.25 for Magnum ice cream 440mL tub. That’s a half price. New products are available on pg 29 from the ice cream shelf.

Coles Catalogue Snacks 31 Oct – 6 Nov 2018 | Christmas Treats

We can find our favourites like nutri-grain, Oral-B, Schweppes, Lindt, Cadbury favourites, Cadbury dairy milk, Sour patch, and many more at half prices in this Coles Catalogue that is valid for 31 Oct – 6 Nov 2018. They have a wide range of snacks. And they have early Christmas deals including candy bags, stockings, Danish butter cookies, Cadbury pouch and more on pg 12-13. Visit pg 12-17 for Christmas Stock up sales. You can store these products for early savings and more. Also, Halloween candy bags are available. Lindt Lindor is available of half-price. It’s been always a popular chocolate brand in all Coles Catalogues. You can often see a nice deal on Lindt products. Similarly, Cadbury is a product that we are familiar with.

Halloween candies:

Favourite party snacks including chips like CC’s, Sakata rice crackers, Sunbites Grain waves, Pringles are featured on pg 3. You can buy these products for half prices. Arnott’s is another popular brand in the snack sales of all weekly Coles specials. Find two of its great snacks on pg 3. Family assorted biscuits will cost $2.25 which is another half-price deal. Arnott’s Cheds crackers are also $3! The beverage is another subcategory of the snack sale of Coles Catalogue 31 Oct – 6 nov. Visit pg 4 for soda packs including Powerade, Fuze Ice tea, and more.

Monster, V, Pepsi Max, and more soda packs are also available at lower prices. Check out breakfast food, pantry, packaged easy meals, canned food, seafood, Christmas recipes, sweets, specials and meat on this catalogue. Non-food part of the catalogue is also interesting with its fantastic deals.