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Coles Christmas Decoration Catalogue 2 - 8 Dec 2015

COLES DECORATION IDEAS FOR CHRISTMASColes Christmas Decoration Catalogue 2 - 8 Dec 2015

New Year's Eves up ! We are really excited for merry Christmas. Yesterday I saw on social media, everybody preparing for Christmas and sharing their great creative ideas. They are creating peaceful decorations and making something by their selves. Sometime hand crafting could be better than something you bought from supermarket. So, Coles has great offers for crafting items. You can wrap your some items or corners of home with special designed Collection Gift Wrap. This product available in different colors and different motifs. May be you can use as a curtain that papers. Its up to your imagination and creation.

While you are celebrating New Year, reindeer ears will fit everybody for fun. Or you can wear Christmas Hats. Take a funniest Christmas photograph ever you took. For little surprises , there is cute novelty cards and mini cube cards selling with packs. You can write a note and stick on gift pack. Or put under your Christmas Pine Tree with lovely note. Softy plush bear has big hearth. They are always smiling at you for makes you happy. How cute it is ! Also  Singing and dancing pals, walking pals could be great gift. These toys are waiting kids to being their best friend.

Coles Catalogue Healthy Specials 2 - 8 Dec 2015

ALL ABOUT HEALTH AT COLESColes Catalogue Healthy Specials 2 - 8 Dec 2015

As you can see in catalogue, our nature is very bountiful. There is many healthful and delicious Australian grown products awaiting for you. I recommend you firstly, Aussie Cherries. This fresh harvest on sale with good price. You can see how is saturated and fresh looks. Also in colesfresh rayon, you can find other great harvests. All of them Australian Grown and fresh. Asian Greens variety is really wide. Organic products on top this week. Brushed potatoes and carrot good choice as sliced cup or button mushrooms. Actually in Coles have everything you need for a light salads. In rush hours they could be great healthy snacks. E.g. vine ripened cherry tomatoes and Asians greens always delicious couple. Asian green 3 for $5. Season harvests always fresh and delicious. In pg 20 you can find a salad recipe. This salad is Coles special, South East Asian Slaw, light and healthy. You can see method and ingredients in same page. 4-6 people serves and 25 mins prep+cook time.

Not just veg and fruits, you can find healthy choices at other categories. For mornings, nice&natura chocolate muesli bars could be great start of day. Also SIRENA tuna is Italian style fish canned as John West Red Salmon. As you can see, in Coles there is many healthy products on shelves.

Coles Catalogue Christmas Products December 2015

Enjoy this Christmas with the enlarged number of Coles Catalogue Christmas Products December 2015 and stock treats for celebration for much cheaper values.Coles Catalogue Christmas Products December 2015 First catalogue of December 2015 offers recipes, festive food including seafood, fresh meat, chicken and delights. In pg 1-8 this is what you can browse in general. Pg 9-16 coverage is of snacks, packaged food, pantry, beverage, chips, Cadbury special offer. Pg 17-19 with party supplies, beverage, sweet treats, Christmas decoration are available. Another good range of products is of simple meals of packaged and frozen variety that are offered on pg 20-23. See recipe of Macaroons on pg 24. Frozen Christmas deals consisting of various meals that are mainly seafood like smoked salmon, whole turkey, prawns etc.
Pg 30-40 is completely about mobile products, household items, personal care, and last page contains half prices of Coles Catalogue Christmas sale.


Shop the snacks and have the best setup for celebration in your house ! Shop cheap and save the most you can at quality ! Shop the favorite brands and never regret your purchase at Coles ! They always got the quality. No worries about satisfaction.

COLES CHRISTMAS products are aiming to be one of the primary choices of people. In decoration, treats, chocolate and half prices they are just brilliant. If you like to stock something from now you may browse these.

Shortbread festive santa tin $12
Kinder chocolate mini santa $2
Coles Candy cones $2.50
Cadbury Roses boxed chocolate HALF PRICE deal $7.75

For more products of Christmas you may also browse Woolworths and ALDI Catalogues. Subscribe to have these catalogues faster and easier.

Coles Catalogue Christmas Decoration Nov 25 - 1 Dec 2015

COLES DECORATION FOR CHRISTMASColes Catalogue Christmas Decoration 25 - 1 Dec 2015

Approaching new year, everybody preparing their home for Merry Christmas. Do not worry, Coles has everything for your home. Check our newest catalogue and never miss special prices for Christmas theme. Not just inside of home also out side lightning is important. Coles Led Fairy Lights on sale for Christmas - 100 pack-. These are white lights you can paint them with acrylic. Let paint them for more exiting look. Its good for hand made fun. Or you can buy already colored Led fairy lights 100 pack. Find some great Christmas tree in Coles catalogue now. There is two type tree is different than others. One of them is small for cute decoration and other one is big 183cm classic tree. If you have a tree, you will need a Halls Star Tree Topper. This is small but important touch for your decoration. And just $6. Festive crackers could be great when last second of your counting to zero.

Besides toys and some gift ideas carrying Christmas theme. Penguin or Snowman bluetooth speaker is working via app on your phone or tablet. Let synchronize your phone and this cute speakers and play whole night. Also they are glowing in the dark ! Coles cards assorted in 3 design. But wait, Coles has really cool gift idea. Disney Christmas Plush toys. They are really cool and they are wearing for Christmas. You can package all this gifts with Giftwrap.


Coles Catalogue Christmas Feasts 25 - 1 Dec 2015

COLES CHRISTMAS FEASTS HERE Coles Catalogue Christmas Feasts 25 - 1 Dec 2015

Feel %100 Ham flavor with Coles. In meat rayon this week great discounts are available. Meet with super tasty meats, there is good quality hams for you. Ham varieties are wide and delicious. Full & half ham, double smoked ham leg - bone in, finest free range legs are Australian made. It means this week is food festive for your family. Buy quickly because discounts are really cool. Do not worry about carry them. There is good solution in Coles. Coles Ham bag is good quality and cheap price.

Coles presenting healthy food ever you ate : Large Raw King Prawns Thawed. This food from Deli and full of flavor. You deserve to this delicious food with $6 save. For sure Coles has more sea foods. Prawns, salmons, fillets and peeled tail off prawns also on sale.

Fresh veg and fruits at Coles. These products just arrived in stocks for all costumers. All onions, oranges, flat mushrooms and tomatoes Australian grown. In colesfresh rayon there is more varieties for sure. This springs crop, too plenty. Because of this Coles did great discounts.