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Sales & Specials can help you spot a good deal for whatever you are trying to save on. Use this tool to search and filter deals. For now, over 30,000 deals can be filtered. And that will only rise. We combined the data of the most popular brands including Coles, Woolworths, Target, Kmart, Myer, Costco, Big W, and The Good Guys.

Make a simple search for product names, choose a store brand, adjust the price range, and sort out the deals. Supported by the weekly catalogues, we believe this tool will help bargain hunters significantly. Enjoy Sales & Specials and browse all the new catalogues to make sure you pay the lowest possible price.

Here, you will only find dropped prices which means the current price is lower than the old price. If an item has a regular price, we don’t include them in the data. If you like bargain hunting, we believe this tool can help you significantly. Please provide feedback by contacting us if you want additional brands or features.


Although every week the deals are updated and there can be new types of deals, there is a pattern. Half-Price specials and multi-price sales are the most common types of deals at these stores. There is a 99% chance of finding a half-price deal at Woolworths or Coles. Toy Sale and kids’ sale with the popular toys and outdoor fun products are often available in your favourite department store. It is also possible to find deal tags like Christmas, Easter, New Year, Black Friday, etc.

Also, unique deals from stores like Woolies’ “Prices-Dropped” and Coles’ “Down Down” can be encountered among these sales & specials every week. Target, Big W, Kmart, Costco, and Myer may offer home deals, women’s & men’s deals, clearance sales, and summer or winter specials.

The Good Guys’ Deal tag only means the product is participating in the current campaign. We cannot get the information of how much the price is lower than regular price yet.


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