ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 29 - 15 July - 18 July 2015

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 29 products are on sale in 15 Jul and 18 Jul 2015.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 29 - 15 July - 18 July 2015 ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 29 is an advantage with its random choice of products picked from various aisles like kitchen ware, electrical appliances, treats etc. This week's big specials are Dutch treats ! Try these European taste from heart of the Europe.
Speculass spread, spekulatius tin, pastry biscuits, Koopmans cake mix, Droste cocoa and more Durtch treats which would be great while hosting are all available on pg 6&7. Check out details about these products on mentioned pages and view full ALDI Catalogue.


See new kitchen appliances which are companions of your work in cooking, heating your meal, toasting, boiling, blending etc. pg 2-3. Brief content is available with the list below:
Sandwich maker $24.99 pg 2
Electric banquet frypan $39.99
Egg cooker $19.99
Lumina rotisserie oven $79.99 pg 3.
Lumina food processor $69.99

Check out suitable price range for the kitchen ware, utensils, sink strainer etc. on pg 4&5.


Workzone power tools and equals are among the most popular professional hardware products and you can find either in the stores like ALDI. These cool products will be real help for you to get better, accurate and clean results.
Work Zone air brush kit $99.99 pg 8
Engraver 13 W $14.99
Mini bench grinder 150W $39.99
Hobby Tool accessory kit $19.99 pg 9
Electric staple/nail gun $29.99

If you are here for the HD TV which is also viewed on the first page of the ALDI Catalogue.
Bauhn 50" Full HD LED LCD TV $529 (1920x1080 resolution) pg 12&13
Bauhn 32" Full HD LED LCD TV $299 (1920x1080 resolution)

Their resolution value is kind of a standard Full HD products in the market. You I can't say it is like a 4K display but this is fair price for the Full HD product. Moreover you can connect almost all devices related to DVD or Blu-Ray movies. Also check out sound products on the next two pages. Remember that these products are available in 18 July 2015. ALDI Special Buys have more than these. Keep following reviews.

1 TB HDD Twin HD tuner $229 pg 14&15
Bauhn digital indoor antenna $24.99
Low profile TV wall mount $29.99
Cordless headphones $39.99
Medion bluetooth soundbar $99.99

Coles Catalogue Masterchef Recipes 10 July 2015

Coles Catalogue Masterchef Recipes are alternative delicious meals which you can prefer for meals.Coles Catalogue Masterchef Recipes 10 July 2015 Add color your your choice in this night. Try these recipes with the high quality products of Coles Catalogue. First two pages are exhibiting the new fresh meat, and the recipe of "roasted chicken with twice-baked potatoes". Check out details and learn how to prepare this meal using this latest Coles Catalogue.


4 days lef for these prices which you can see on the Coles Catalogue.

Australian fresh meat products selected from the top quality farms and they are all approved on pg 3.
Seafood products including packaged ones are featured on pg 4.
Brushed potatoes 1 kg is $1 on pg 5.
Delicious bakery products like various breads including baguette, white batard, soft wraps tha everyone loves.
See everyday prices for packaged bread products like Helga's, Wonder White etc on pg 7.

Coles Personal Care Items and Household Products

Colgate plax, whitening products, toothbrush and similar sort of more items on pg 22.
The products which you can protect your skin from outside harm with and Olay cosmetics on pg 22-23.
Special Whiskas cat food $1.80 pg 24.
Pedigree dog food pg 25.
Fairy Dishwashing liquid 870 mL everyday sale pg 26.
Duracell Coppertop $6.74

Woolworths Catalogue Specials Weekend 10 July 2015

Woolworths Catalogue Specials Weekend 10 July 2015 - 12 July 2015 prices are viewable on the preview page.Woolworths Catalogue 10 July 2015 Save more with getting top qualtiy food, fruits, fresh grocery, bakery and more. Weekend sale catalogues of Woolworths have always been on the top of the list of people. Woolworths specials are available from now on. You can browse it here and shop on the official page. Find new Coca Cola price pg 2 and Red Spot Specials which are also available on the woolworthsonline official page.
Australian cavendish bananas $1.98
Australian phoenix seedless mandarins $2.98
Sweet potato $2.40
Sweet corn 3 for $1.98
Traffic light capsicums $2.95
Roma or Gourmet tomatoes 1 kg $2.78
MSA Australian beef porterhouse steak $20.99 kg
Coca-Cola, Zero Diet coke etc. 30x375mL $16.80 pg 2.
Arnott's Tiny Teddy $2.50
Shapes multipacks $2.50
Kellogg's LCMs $5
Anzac biscuits HALF PRICE pk 24 $2.89
Huggies Nappis Jumbo pk 60-108 $28


Last 4 days remaining for these products can be viewed on the Woolworths Catalogue preview page. Amazing products and Woolworths products are available.
You might find products with prices valid until Thursday. You can find freshest and newest products at Woolworths catalogues. Online offers are also stocked in-store. Check out more of the supermarket grocery products on the main page. Coles, ALDI, IGA and Woolworths are leading brands of the supermarket products.

Woolworths Catalogue 10 July Weekend Specials

Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment Products 3 July - 19 July 2015

Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment products 3 July - 19 July 2015 are what you can see on one of the three latest catalogues. Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment Products 3 July - 19 July 2015You can set up a little cinema theatre in your living room. Surrounding systems for your cinema system, Ultra HD 4 K TV variety, Smart TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players and the top brands are featured on this catalogue. It is easy to install a great quality cinema system for modest costs at Harvey Norman stores. In-store and catalogue products can be seen on the preview. See official page for the detailed information and the latest comments for the products as well.
Numerous products of these HD TV deals are available on Harvey Norman and few are highlighted specially because of its special features. An example to this is;


- These Ultra HD TV technology provides 3D display and you will have NETFLIX to catch the latest release movies.
- Smart LED LCD Ultra HD SAMSUNG TV has got 65" display.
- Resolution of this Samsung Smart LED LCD TV is 3840 x 2160 which will provide you very alive colors.
- Octa-core processor will allow you to do multiple tasks at once.
- HDMI output and 3x USB ports.
- PRICE $6347

A smaller display of this television is $5495. It has got very similar technical features. See them on pg 2-3. These TVs generally have IPS technology that results in very bright look and because of it watchers will not miss the details of the high quality movies.

If you are looking for smallar budget TVs you can check out pg 12-13 for 48" - 50" screens. Also 32" and smaller displays are available on pg 15.


Sound bars are the elementary part of the cinema systems since half part of the movies are actually sound. Viewer would like to hear all the details of a movie's sound mix. Especially in today's technoloy they mix the sound with a crystal clearity. You can find new prices for sound bars on pg 16&17.
However if you are looking for lower budget products you can check out high quality speakers which will do pretty good job. They work fine with computers and I would recommend you to see micro music systems. See them on pg 20-21.

Please visit Harvey Norman Catalogue Home Entertainment Products 3 July preview to see more.

Big W Catalogue Home Products July 9 - July 22 2015

Big W Catalogue Home Products July 9 - July 22 2015 prices have been released and you can see full catalogue of home products on the preview page now.Big W Catalogue Home Products July 9 - July 22 2015 With these catalogue the products you can see are generally bedroom products, kitchen ware, kitchen appliances, cookware, popular electronics, chemical cleaning products, beauty products, chocolate and confectionery products and even more offers.
It is possible for you to complete essentials or comfort of any part of your house with this Big W Catalogue released in the second week of July 2015.


Bathroom towels, cushions, bedding products are featured on the first section. Catalogue prices are valid until 22 July 2015.
To understand the quality of a sheet or quilt cover set you should see its thread count. As it increases the quality of quilt cover gets higher. You can see 250 thread count products on pg 4. House&Home bedding products are on sale:

House&Home 180 thread count ripple quilt cover set $39 pg 4
House&Home 250 thread count "olson" $69
Grigio 7-piece comforter set $89
250 thread count satin $49 pg 5
ETC Tripod table lamp $29
Evolve Ottoman Beanbag

The products like pillows which are only at Big W can be seen on pg 6. Seasonal bedroom products which are essentials of any bedroom are featured on pg 6-7.

Decorative living room accessories, storage products and laundry baskets on pg 7.
Kitchen electrical appliances, dinner sets in classic and modern design on pg 8-9.
Cook pots, cooksets and utensils and 25% off on pg 10-11.
Breville microwave oven, Piranha vacuum cleaner and frypans on pg 12.
Heated throws, heaters for winter on pg 13.