IGA Catalogue 13 Apr 2016 Savings

Check this deal from IGA to save with the gigantic savings featuring mainly HALF PRICES which means awesome prices wait for the customers.

IGA Catalogue 13 Apr 2016 Savings

IGA Catalogue 13 Apr 2016 contains mainly regular weekly essentials like fresh groceries, favorite snacks, beverage, pet supplies, healthy meat and chicken, bakery delights and incredible discounts on everything. Every single product is on sale and you can never pass any of them. It feels regretful if you miss these catalogues. Consider the loss of savings. Wow you would buy a new car with all these savings at the end of the year. I am not exaggerating this issue.


Gigantic Savings with half prices of snacks, confectionery have been highlighted in the cover page. Starbust candies, Arnott’s, creamy chocolate of a2 and many more products are featured in pg 2-3. HALF PRICES of packaged meals like McCain, Kellogg’s cereals Disney Frozen and more on sale on pg 2-3.

PET SALE featuring dog food of Optimum and cat food of felix can be browsed on pg 4. Pedigree high quality dental care products for your dog are on sale by 30% at IGA Catalogue. Check out optimum dog food variety on the same page.

FRESH Groceries consisting of new season’s natural nutrition like grapes, apples, corn, mixed tomatoes and MEAT offers have been introduced on pg 6&7. DELI as usual contains olives, salami, and meat derivatives as well as dairy products. Tremendous options at great rates have been commented very positive.

I would also recommend you to browse Black&Gold pantry products. Everyday low prices of Black&Gold Apple Pie, penne, spirals, cat litter, and more products can be seen there. SNACKS AND BEVERAGE sale of IGA offered on pg 14&15 are good guide to prepare a selection of party supplies. Coke, juice, other soft beverages are on sale. More snacks can be purchased for the prices shown on pg 16&17.

Check out CONSERVE FOOD for quick ways to feed yourself after work. After a long working hour I bet you are always in need for this type of food. No cooking time with wasting your food. There will be only delicious food for you.

IGA household products including chemical products, gardening products, personal care items can be browsed after pg 28 through pg 33. Save more with IGA gigantic sales and also browse other catalogues like ALDI, Target, Kmart, Coles and Woolworths.

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